Themed Online Slots Inspired by Mythology

Back in the late 1800s a man called Charles D. Fey did something that would cause monumental shockwaves throughout the gambling industry – design the Liberty Bell machine. This would be the world’s first genuine commercially viable slot machine, and it paved the way for the outrageous modern slots industry, one that accounts for over 30% of all global gambling revenue these days, and is rapidly accounting for more too. 

Of course, there are still a huge number of people who love gambling on land-based slot machines, however the main reason behind this crazy annual revenue share are online slots – click here. Developers like NetEnt, Play N GO and Just For The Win have made online slots impossible to resist, especially when they are inspired by mythology! Read on for some themed online slots inspired by mythology….  

Key mythologies that inspire online slots 

The proliferation of slot themes has become one of the standout features of entire slots industry, and it is definitely a leading factor in the huge success of this particular gambling market. One of the most common inspirations for online slot themes are different mythologies, here are some of the key mythologies that inspire online slots: 

·         Ancient Greek mythology: Ancient Greek mythology is by far the most well-known, mainly due to hugely popular pieces of popular culture such as Hercules. The best thing about Ancient Greek mythology is the fact that there are so many gods to choose from, which makes it very easy for developers to ensure their games have interesting characters and symbols.

·         Ancient Egyptian mythology: Ancient Egyptian mythology is also a common choice for slot developers, mainly because of its mysterious nature. There is also the benefit of famous things like the pyramids, which make Ancient Egyptian slots a wonder to play.

·         Norse mythology: For one reason or another the world of Vikings has become a common inspiration for online slots, and so has the accompanying Norse mythology, in particular with figures like Thor.

The benefits of mythology inspired online slots 

Sure, using mythology as an inspiration to create an online slot is definitely exciting, but what are the true benefits of this? Keep reading for a few key benefits of mythology inspired slots: 

·         A taste of history: Gambling on most online slots is simply another way to get your slot gambling fix, however with mythology inspired slots you also get a taste of history too. Spin those reels, learn about ancient mythology, and wow your friends with facts next time you see them.

·         Exciting visuals: There is no denying that figures like Thor, Zeus or Medusa are exciting, so with mythology inspired online slots we get a whole load of compelling action.

·         Big jackpots: In order to make their mythology inspired slots live up to the theme, developers have to offer some pretty big jackpots too. 

Some of the best themed online slots inspired by mythology

Here are some of the best themed online slots inspired by mythology: 

·         King of the Trident

·         Apollo God of the Sun

·         Valley of the Kings