The West End and Broadway – Infographic

Join millions of avid theater-goers on a travel adventure to world-famous live performing arts destinations like London’s West End and New York’s Broadway. Catch a show in a grand city that offers dramatic diversity and comedic popularity and the occasional showing of the Phantom of the Opera. Find the latest and greatest in staged creations in these very alike yet distinctly different tourist destinations. Places like or other hotels around NYC broadway are places recommended.

With our snazzy and entertaining infographic, get to know both locales and decide which one stands out on your adventure-seeking radar.

In our theater show-down, we proudly introduce London’s West End versus New York’s Broadway in an all-out epic battle of the arts. Learn how many theaters there are to behold in each city and whose city is the largest. Find out which district has the longest running history and who has the highest attendance. You’ll definitely want to know who commands the highest revenue touting their world-renowned acts and who charges the most for their ticket prices. Don’t forget to look and see if there is more entertainment around the theater after the show.

When you check out our infographic, you’ll delve into all of these exciting tidbits and much more. Both world-famous theaters earn rave reviews by millions of attendees each year. There’s no doubt that they feature some of the best stage districts in the world. Whether you’re heading across the pond to the States or prefer the charm of historic England, you’re likely to find a fresh, new production in each location. Which one will you pick?