The Valley and Peak Black Friday Preview

Black Friday is fast approaching and you can bet at Valley and Peak we have some amazing deals for you! Think of great value bundles, mystery gifts and exciting discounts.

We want to talk to you about some of our most popular products so you’re ready to snap yourself a bargain come Friday 24th November!

With 15% off Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets, more than 15% off Big Agnes tents, and so many more offers on our range of tents, backpacks and clothing in our Black Friday Sale, we know you’ll be excited.

We understand how important it is to have the right tent and a trusty waterproof jacket. However, selecting these essentials is more than just picking what looks good – it’s about understanding their features and knowing which ones suit your needs best. With such a wealth of choices, both the inexperienced and experienced adventurer can be bewildered.

We’re about to dive into the exceptional durability and design of Big Agnes tents and Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets. So gear up for a thrilling journey that unveils how these products will benefit your next camping trip, hike or outdoor exploration.

Black Friday offerings – unmissable deals from Valley and Peak

We all know the thrill of Black Friday. The adrenaline rush as you hover over the ‘quick buy’ button, ready to snag your wish list items at jaw-dropping prices. Well, gear up outdoor enthusiasts because Valley and Peak are rolling out some unmissable deals this year that will make even seasoned bargain hunters do a double-take.

For those who seek lightweight yet durable gear to shield them from the elements, Valley and Peak has a special offer in store.

Grab a Big Agnes tent with our jaw-dropping over 15% off discount

We’re set to drop our Black Friday discounts soon, so don’t miss out. As experienced backpackers ourselves, at Valley and Peak we can vouch for Big Agnes tents being some of the best shelters for any trekking adventure. Now is your opportunity to obtain one without breaking the bank. We’re offering amazing discounts on various models – perfect choices if shedding grams off your pack is what matters most to you.

Our team has spent many nights under their own Big Agnes tent with rain drumming overhead but never once did it let them down or leave them damp inside. It’s thanks to clever design features which ensure good protection even during strong winds and heavy showers. Don’t forget about those surplus material pockets providing extra storage space either – very handy when camping out.

A fantastic 15% off on Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets

In addition to our tempting offers on tents, you’ll be able to use our discount to slash prices off select Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets – clothing pieces renowned among hikers not just because they look great but more importantly due to their unparalleled ventilation system ensuring comfort across different weather conditions.

The Foray II GORE-TEX jacket is a popular choice due to its bluesign-approved 2-layered fabric making it both waterproof and windproof while being eco-friendly at the same time – something that always gives us a bit of an extra feel-good factor when out exploring nature. These jackets will equip you for any weather while also promoting sustainability.

Get ready for Black Friday with Valley and Peak’s unbeatable deals

The Black Diamond Speed 50 backpack price reduction will see you saving over £40! Down to an affordable £149.99 (price correct at time of publishing). This tried-and-tested on-route alpine pack is designed for lightweight performance on rock, snow and ice.

Get ahead of the summer rush and save yourself some money by purchasing the Outdoor Research Astroman Sun Hoodie. This highly stretchy and lightweight hoodie is perfect for outdoor activities, engineered with UPF sun protection for extended time outdoors. Down to £79.95 from £90.00 (price correct at time of publishing).

A headlamp is an all-year-round essential for hikers, backpackers and campers. The Nebo Einstein 1000 Headlamp is a low-profile, compact 1,000-lumen headlamp with five light modes. With a current saving of 33%, this headlamp is an affordable £29.99.

Big Agnes tents – a deep dive into the Copper Spur HV UL series

The Copper Spur HV UL series by Big Agnes, including the celebrated Copper Spur HV UL3, are some of our top picks for outdoor adventures. Why? Because they deliver an impressive blend of space, durability and ultralight design that’s hard to beat.

Versatility of the Copper Spur HV UL series

If you require a dependable shelter that won’t drag down your hiking kit, these tents are the perfect solution. They combine lightweight construction with weather-resistant materials making them ideal three-season use tents.

In fact, one star player is the Copper Spur HV UL3 tent which weighs just under 2kg when packed. But don’t let its feather-light weight fool you; this little marvel has plenty of room inside thanks to its innovative pole structure that maximises interior volume.

A feature we absolutely love about these tents is their versatility. Whether it’s a quick overnight hike or an extended trekking expedition across challenging terrains – no matter what adventure lies ahead, these robust companions are up for it.

Design features of the Copper Spur HV UL series

The inclusion of certain thoughtful features shows how Big Agnes has truly put their heart into these tents. They’ve selected superior materials and added handy details that make camping easier without piling on extra weight. We also appreciate how easy it is to set up these shelters after a long day hiking: colour-coded webbing and buckles along with simple-to-use pole sleeves ensure a hassle-free setup experience every time.

These tents are the ideal outdoor companions, thanks to their lightweight yet robust construction. The standout features like DAC Featherlite NSL poles, dual zipper doors and separate storage vestibules not only add to their comfort but also make sure your gear is always safe and well-organised.

The Tiger Wall UL series – Big Agnes’ featherlight marvel

Big Agnes, a name synonymous with quality outdoor gear, brings us the Tiger Wall UL series. This ultralight tent collection is crafted to balance weight and performance perfectly for backpacking adventures.

Tiger Wall tents are not just lightweight; they’re built from surplus material which makes them sustainable too. The heart of these camping tents lies in their design features – simple yet ingenious additions that make your life easier on the trail.

Pole sleeves used in this range provide an unparalleled ventilation system while ensuring good protection against strong winds. A unique feature is its DAC Featherlite NSL poles offering robustness without adding unnecessary bulk.

DAC Featherlite poles: strong but light

The use of the DAC Featherlite NSL pole system provides strength while maintaining minimal weight. These innovative trekking poles lend stability to the structure while keeping it taut under various climatic conditions.

Ventilation that works wonders

When considering any tent for purchase, one should pay attention to its ventilation capabilities as much as anything else – the Tiger Wall UL by Big Agnes truly shines here.

The dual-zipper entrance provides both convenience and a vestibule for extra storage, while the mesh door increases ventilation as well as allowing visibility.

Big Agnes tents – Valley and Peak customer satisfaction and support

We all know how important customer support is, right? And if you’ve ever dealt with our team, you’ll understand why we’re known for top-notch service. Our friendly team is always ready to help with any questions or issues.

Let’s take a scenario: You’re planning an epic hiking trip but can’t decide which tent will suit your needs best. Our crew doesn’t just give generic advice; they ask about your specific plans to make sure the gear matches your adventure. And you might be wondering what happens after you purchase. We’re proud to say that our post-purchase service is as exceptional as our pre-sale advice.

Dedicated to solving problems

Apart from being super approachable and responsive, our folks really know their stuff when it comes to troubleshooting problems related specifically to outdoor gear. From providing detailed solutions to advising replacement parts, our team leaves no stone unturned.

Valley and Peak offer more than just outdoor gear. We give a stellar customer support experience too. From tailored advice pre-purchase to prompt post-sale help, our team has your back at every step of your adventure. We’re quick to solve problems and committed to making sure you get the most from your tent.

Big Agnes tents – choosing the right shelter for your needs

The great outdoors is a vast, unpredictable place. One day you might be basking in the sunshine and the next facing strong winds or heavy rain. That’s where Big Agnes tents come into play. Known for their durability and innovative design features, these tents offer good protection regardless of weather conditions.

If you’re an avid backpacker looking to lighten your load without compromising on space or functionality, then the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL series is worth considering. The use of DAC Featherlite NSL poles combined with surplus material results in a super light yet robust tent structure that can withstand varying weather elements.

The versatility of Big Agnes tents

One standout feature of these ultralight tents lies in their versatility. With different sizes available (ranging from one-person to three-person models), there’s plenty of room for solo hikers as well as small groups.

Apart from offering ample interior space, most designs also include extra storage options like mesh pockets and overhead media pockets – handy places to keep essentials within reach during your outdoor adventures.

Durability meets lightweight design

The primary draw here? A high hydrostatic head rating. This measures how much water pressure that fabric can withstand before it starts leaking – a crucial factor when camping under rainy skies or dealing with morning dew condensation inside your tent. The Copper Spur HV UL series from Big Agnes boasts a rating of 1200mm on the fly and floor. So you can sleep tight knowing that these tents offer reliable waterproofing.

Despite this sturdy build, both the Copper Spur HV UL series and Tiger Wall UL models are incredibly lightweight. This is due to their unique DAC Featherlite NSL pole system which offers an excellent weight-to-strength ratio – a key feature for backpackers looking to shed unnecessary pack weight.


Big Agnes tents are your reliable companion for outdoor adventures, offering durability and innovative designs. With features like DAC Featherlite NSL poles and a high hydrostatic head rating, they provide solid protection in varying weather conditions. Whether you’re solo hiking or with a group, their versatility and lightweight design cater to all needs.

Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets – your ultimate weather shield

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve been caught in the rain or wind more than once. But with the Foray II GORE-TEX jacket by Outdoor Research, those weather woes will be a thing of the past.

This raincoat has been constructed to give you protection from the elements while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Its waterproof feature means it’ll keep you dry during heavy rain, making it a reliable partner for any outdoor adventure.

The secret behind its impressive performance

What sets this GORE-TEX jacket apart? It’s not just another waterproof layer. Instead, it boasts some serious tech specs that put it head and shoulders above others on the market.

The Foray II has an impressive hydrostatic head rating of 28,000. This measure tells us how much water pressure that fabric can withstand before leaks start appearing – so we’re talking about strong protection against heavy rainfall here. Furthermore, its Thermal Evaporative Resistance (RET) value stands at 4.5 indicating top-notch breathability, even under intense activity levels like hiking or climbing.

A light companion that punches above its weight class

You might think that such high-performing gear would weigh you down on your adventures, but guess what? The medium size weighs only 344g. So whether your next trip involves backpacking across mountain ranges or simply strolling through city parks in drizzly weather, this featherlight yet durable garment won’t slow your stride.

Your go-to choice whatever the weather

Rain: Thanks to its top-notch hydrostatic head rating and excellent durability, the Foray II can keep you dry even in heavy downpours.

Wind: The windproof nature of this jacket makes it an excellent shield against strong winds that would otherwise chill you to the bone.

Snow: While not specifically designed for snow sports, its weather-resistant qualities make it a handy option for snowy days too.


Outdoor Research’s Foray II GORE-TEX jacket is your ultimate weather protector, combining top-tier waterproof and windproof qualities with lightness for maximum comfort. Its high hydrostatic head rating promises solid defence against heavy rain while excellent Thermal Evaporative Resistance (RET) ensures breathability during intense activities. This lightweight jacket won’t hinder your adventures but instead enhance them, ensuring enjoyment regardless of the weather conditions.

Outdoor Research GORE-TEX jackets – a closer look at design features

If you’re on the hunt for a coat that guarantees protection from the elements, then Outdoor Research’s GORE-TEX jackets are just what you need. They have some remarkable design features worth exploring.

The most striking feature is arguably the Foray II GORE-TEX jacket’s pit-zips which are touted as the largest on the market. This gives them an edge over other rain jackets by providing unparalleled ventilation even during strenuous outdoor activities like hiking or climbing. The pit-zips let cool air flow through your underarms and out again without compromising waterproof protection.

Functionality: beyond weather resistance

The design features of this jacket don’t stop at just weather resistance. It’s designed with practicality in mind, featuring a fully adjustable hood for those days when rain pours down sideways and multiple pockets that can securely hold your essential items while keeping them dry.

Meticulous inspection process ensures top-notch quality

To maintain its commitment to customer satisfaction, Outdoor Research has established stringent inspection protocols. Each jacket is checked for even the minutest flaw before it’s packaged and shipped out.

This level of dedication towards quality assurance helps ensure that each GORE-TEX jacket you get from Outdoor Research provides optimum performance and durability, whether you’re hiking through rain-soaked forests or camping in strong winds.


How long do GORE-TEX jackets last?
A well-cared-for GORE-TEX jacket can last many years. Their robust construction ensures they stand up to tough conditions while maintaining performance.

What is the most breathable GORE-TEX jacket?
The Foray II GORE-TEX jacket by Outdoor Research ranks high in breathability due to its Thermal Evaporative Resistance (RET) of 4.5 and large pit zips for added ventilation.

What should I look for in a GORE-TEX jacket?
When picking a GORE-TEX jacket, you should check its waterproof rating, windproof ability, breathability stats, overall design including pockets and hood adjustment, weight and reviews from other users.

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