The many faces of Sun City

The Vegas of Africa, the gateway to Kruger, a flashpoint in the anti-apartheid campaign of the late 20th century. For a city with a population of just 37,000 people, Sun City conjures up many images and can mean different things to different people. Let’s cut through the hype and take a look at just what this unique location in the heart of South Africa has to offer.


Sun City was, to a large extent, inspired by Las Vegas, and so of course, the casinos are an important part of the experience. These days, we are all accustomed to playing games like Bonanza Slot on our smartphones, so we know what to expect when we get inside. But approaching either of the two casino complexes, the Sun City Resort or the Lost City, for the first time will take your breath away. Both were designed by the legendary entrepreneur Sol Kerzner, who was also responsible for the luxury hotels, golf courses and any other indication of decadence and excess that you will see on your visit to the city.


Speaking of golf, Sun City is home to two of the top courses in the world. Kerzner appointed golfing superstar Gary Player to work on the design of both the appropriately named Gary Player Country Club and the Lost City Golf Course. While they attract top golfers from across the globe, each course has been designed to have something for everyone, regardless of handicap.

Nature and wildlife

For many, Sun City serves as a stopover en route to Kruger National Park and a wealth of private game reserves. However, even if you are not planning a full on safari this trip, there are opportunities close by to get up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife. Predator World is perfect for an afternoon visit, and favours tours in small groups, meaning you can easily chat with the guide to learn more about the animals. It is a must-see, especially for those with kids.

Local culture 

Motseng is a traditional tribal village that is a short taxi ride from Sun City. It provides a fascinating insight into South Africa’s tribal systems and hierarchies, as well as giving visitors the opportunity to sample local food and even take part in some singing and dancing. 

Water parks

Another attraction that is an absolute must if you are visiting with youngsters is the Valley of the Waves. Its most famous attraction is the roaring lagoon, where waves up to two metres high come crashing in every two minutes. There is also a selection of flume rides and other water activities. Trained lifeguards are on duty, and from tiny toddlers to experienced daredevils, there is something to appeal to everyone.

Ultimately, that serves as something of a microcosm for Sun City in its entirety. Whether you want to hit the high roller tables, learn about local culture, check out the wildlife or simply laze on an artificial beach while the kids play in the waves, you can do it in this remarkable city.

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