The Knowledge-Sharing Backpacker Sub-Culture

To be really honest if I had an unlimited back account to draw on then I’d definitely be staying in the best hotels of this world, or perhaps the best resorts as hotels are a little bit to sterile and impersonal. As fun as backpacking is and as much as it makes for a seriously rewarding travel experience, in all honesty it’s somewhat of a last resort. Sure, sometimes one does indeed have enough money to stay in a fancier establishment and perhaps even get a private room, and yet still choose to lodge at a backpackers’ hostel so that they can perhaps stay longer and stretch their getaway in that way.

As much as I personally do see the hostel option as somewhat of a last resort, when I’m actually right in the middle of the experience I start to fall in love with the whole backpacking culture all over again. It just never gets old! Things get a little bit more profound however, with a knowledge sharing sub-culture that makes for some very interesting observation.

Exchanging pleasantries

That’s how it starts, with pleasantries and formalities of getting to know each other taken care of first, but what’s really interesting about this initial period of contact between backpackers who’ve only just met is how some of the strongest of lifelong friendships and even romantic relationships seem to be formed instantly. Some of the best friends I can claim to have in my life own that title as a result of us starting a conversation having met at a hostel, going on to hang out, share ideas, meals, stories and recommendations like we’d known each other for years before!

The basic knowledge of the world

Beyond the pleasantries the basic knowledge of life and of the world starts flowing immediately and even if you think you’ve seen it all, often you’re surprised to learn something new or particularly intriguing. For instance, I recently learned that there is something called a washing bag, to make reference to it using the most generic name I can think of. It’s actually referred to by its pioneering brand name, but I can’t quite remember how to spell it (it has a strange spelling), so I’ll just stick to its generic name for now. Anyway, this washing bag cleans your clothes thoroughly and what you do is insert them with a little bit of washing powder and then pretty much just beat it about.

Things like these make for some great life-hacks which really make life on the road easier, but can perhaps be used back home as well to save money and energy.

Essential life navigation knowledge

When backpackers really get to talking, some essential knowledge is shared which can really help with the navigation of this funny old thing we call life. You can get a great recommendation for a Cleveland medical malpractice law firm that offers free consultation or free case evaluation if you find yourself in a situation where you really don’t have the money to try and move on from something like a medical malpractice incident you suffered, for instance, by just mentioning the problem you’re facing to the right person.