The Best Scuba Diving Spots around the World

Take an unforgettable underwater journey to the dazzling world below, complemented with some new casinos to explore while you’re recovering from each dive!

Scuba diving offers a glimpse into an amazing underwater world – ancient and vast. Each of the more than 75,000 dive sites around the world is a glittering exhibit of diverse marine biodiversity – home to myriad fish, corals, sponges and even mysterious creatures. Before diving, however, you first will need to be taught how to safely scuba by a diving company like Deep Blue Diving, afterwards you are free to explore the vibrant and beautiful ocean floor. When you are wearing scuba gear, you will plunge into the pristine waters and have the chance to swim alongside rare and colorful coral and spectacular fish.

This thrill-seeking activity is not for the faint-hearted. Long periods of time underwater and the potential for injury or sickness are real risks. Take the dive safely and enjoy this amazing underwater journey!


For more than four centuries, Aboriginal people have fished the waters surrounding Australia. Today, the country has the highest proportion of reef-building corals in the world. This underwater playground is famous for spectacular scenery and diverse ecosystems. To experience this outstanding diving destination, you will need a scuba diving certification. But that is easy – all you need is a snorkel, mask and fins.

Advance Australia Fair is an excellent motto to follow while diving. The spectacular scenery here will have you asking yourself: “How the heck did I ever miss out on this all-encompassing beauty?”


If you want a more relaxed, open-water experience, consider the Maldives. The tropical islands of the Indian Ocean are home to mesmerizing coral reefs. Diving in the Maldives is a truly breathtaking experience. You can travel among thousands of beautifully colorful fish and corals, and experience the pulse-pounding thrill of discovering sunken treasure.

You can dive in crystal clear waters and the sea is as blue as the Caribbean.


From the sparkling turquoise water to the crystal-clear coral reefs, the Seychelles is one of the most beautiful diving destinations. To take a trip, you’ll need a free diving certification, but this is easy to acquire.

Despite a tiny size, the Seychelles is home to more than 500 species of reef fish, including coral divers. An unforgettable experience awaits you in the tropical islands and the idyllic islands and white-sand beaches. If you are looking for a remote and unspoiled diving destination, then the Seychelles is the perfect choice for you.

Northern Thailand

Enjoy a trip to the beautiful Northern Thailand, known as the “Heart of Thailand”. Dive at one of Thailand’s many amazing dive sites – the breathtaking Chumpol peak or even Lake Ranong. There are plenty of opportunities to dive as deep as 100 meters into the sea or as close as 50 meters off the reef.

This amazing place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to an extraordinary diversity of marine life. The reef extends well out into the lake and the water is as clear as the Caribbean.


The Republic of Palau is best known for the world-class diving as well, with an epic surprise in store for those who take the trip for a dive in that part of the world!

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