The Best Places to See in the West Coast of USA

USA is one of the most diverse countries that you can find out there in the world. In fact, different areas of the USA offer different experiences to the visitors.

One of the best regions to explore is the west coast. Since it’s offering a variety of attractions, you will find it’s an overwhelming experience to plan your trip. Thus, make sure to read on to learn which ones are must-see!

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Remember to check ESTA requirements and grab your valid passport to complete the 3-step application process. The approved entry permit to US will be delivered directly to your e-mail address in a PDF form.

Once you have your ESTA ready, try visiting these placing when exploring the west coast of USA:

  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a massive city, and you can stay there for up to a week. During the time you spend, you will get the opportunity to expose yourself to a bunch of outstanding opportunities.

For example, you can visit the first Starbucks, which was opened in 1971. You can also explore Mount Rainier or go ahead with whale watching as you explore Seattle. To make things even more interesting, you can visit Bainbridge Island, where you can find a little community.

2. San Francisco, California 

San Francisco is the most vibrant city that you can find on the West Coast of the USA. You can discover numerous popular tourist attractions here in San Francisco. Alcatraz Prison, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, and Haight Street are some of them.

You can also explore the Golden Gate Bridge, which offers fascinating views to the guests. You can discover numerous trails in this region. Therefore, it is better if you can make yourself ready to explore the region before you visit.

3. Los Angeles, California

You will never regret the time that you are spending exploring Los Angeles. There is something for everyone in this city. For example, you can explore the views of the Hollywood sign, go ahead with the Walk of Fame, or explore Hollywood Boulevard.

On the other hand, there are numerous museums available in Los Angeles to explore, as well as some scenic attractions that are definitely worth exploring. You can see them via foot, car, or even rent a yacht from a company such as Onboat to see them from the ocean. There is something for everyone in the City of Angels.

4. Death Valley, California

Any person who feels adventurous while exploring the West Coast can think about visiting Death Valley. It is the hottest place that you can find out there in the world as well. You will have to drive for around 8 hours from Los Angeles to reach Death Valley.

Make sure that you carry a lot of water along with you as you visit Death Valley. There are numerous viewpoints to explore while you are in Death Valley. For example, you can visit Badwater Basin, and Zabriskie Point, which offers unique views of the Death Valley. 

5. Napa Valley, California 

If you are a fan of best-tasting wines, you should be visiting Napa Valley. At the Napa Valley, you can discover some of the tastiest wines that you can ever find. There are numerous wine tasting tours available for you to go ahead with and explore.

Therefore, you can think about getting yourself lost in the vineyards and wineries. There are numerous places of interest available for you to explore in Napa Valley as well. Modus Operandi Cellars, Pride Mountain Vineyards, and Castello di Amorosa are some of the best options.

Final thoughts

These are the best cities to visit as you are exploring the west coast of the United States. Visit these cities, and you will never regret the experience that you can get!

Collect some unforgettable memories and learn more about this diverse country!

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