The Benefits of Visiting High Disposable Income Countries

Sometimes clichés such as that of travel making for the best teacher reveal themselves to harbor some of that original truth associated with their geneses. Many of the lessons are indeed direct in their nature, but sometimes it takes looking at things from a little bit of a different angle to benefit from the underlying lesson to be learned.

A recent lesson I learned brings to light the advantages of electing to visit those countries in which the residents have the highest disposable incomes, although the list was published by a live casino comparison platform, Live Casino Comparer. Usually such information is that which I’d come into and want to discuss further having read it on someone else’s travel blog or other primarily travel-related platform, but that’s what it sometimes takes to derive the integrated lesson from the information you’re presented with. We have to connect the dots…

So anyway, let’s get into the benefits already…

So disposable income is the money you have left over, to spend after you’ve paid all your bills and it makes for some interesting reading as to which countries in the world have the highest disposable income.

I won’t lie – I’m rather surprised at some of the entries in the list, such as how the USA is indeed right at the top whereas China doesn’t even feature in the top ten, neither do Japan, South Korea or Singapore.

So in discussing the benefits of visiting such countries, I’ll be including a reference to the likes of Japan, South Korea and Singapore as well, but perhaps not China for now…

The full publication with information supporting the list can be found at:

A nonaggressive tourism industry

If you go to one of these countries where they have high disposable incomes, like Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, etc, you’ll have a nice time as a tourist because the tourism industry is not as aggressive as it would be in countries where the locals servicing that industry are sometimes desperate to get those tourist dollars. So you’ll pretty much get fair value for the money you spend and nobody is lining up to try and scam you.

A well developed local market network

Countries where the people have high disposable incomes are generally very well-developed countries as well, which means you won’t find something like a different, higher price for visitors than that which is paid by the locals. Since everything is organized, there aren’t many informal trading channels that are susceptible to on-the-spot price fixing. So you can just plan all the elements of your trip that much better.

Opportunities beyond leisure travel

High disposable income regions that are isolated from the rest of the country, like London in the UK, can let you in on some opportunities to perhaps pursue beyond the world of leisure travel. For instance, taking a look at how Londoners spend their spare cash, which is on online casinos as one of many identified areas, one can then pursue the opportunities associated with that suggested spending channel. What that would mean is that if you bet on the same casinos on which those Londoners bet, the pool of funds circulating is much bigger, which means you’ll have a good chance of winning a particularly big progressive jackpot, if that’s how those casinos are run, of course.