The Benefits of Traveling in a Motorhome

The Benefits of Traveling in a Motorhome

Perhaps you have yet to fulfill your dream of a cross-country road trip. Or maybe you’re sick of security lines at the airport. Whatever your motives for wanting to travel via RV, rest assured that there are many good reasons to travel in a motorhome. The freedom to explore at your own pace, the flexibility of not being chained to hotel schedules, and spending quality time bonding with family and fellow RV travelers are just a few benefits of owning an RV.

If you haven’t yet explored this classic method of travel, here are some great reasons to make the switch:

Save Money

A primary benefit of owning a motorhome is that it significantly reduces the amount of money you spend on common travel expenses like lodging. Statistics show that sleeping in an RV can save up to 78% on lodging. It only costs about $25-$40 to spend the night in an RV park, but it easily costs upwards of $100 per hotel room. In fact in the United States, RVs are allowed to stop for the night in most Wal-Mart parking lots at no charge. Over the course of multiple nights, those savings add up quickly! Of course, you must have an RV first, but motorhomes can often be rented as well as financed. The bottom line is that the motorhome option saves money when comparing it to the airfare-hotel-car rental combo so many people do when traveling.

Enjoy the Convenience

An RV is your virtual home on wheels for the duration of your trip, which means you can pack as little or as much as you want. There are no liquid restrictions like you’ll find in an airport, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of losing your luggage. Another major convenience for RV vacationers is that you have your own private restroom, and usually a shower, available whenever you need it. Furthermore, the living space can be expanded to include an outdoor area with the deployment of a camper patio screen room day and night shades providing a cool and comfortable place to relax. Good luck finding all of the above with any other mode of transportation.

Have More Flexibility

Another benefit of owning an RV is that you have more flexibility in your vacation schedule. There are no airline, boat, or bus schedules to abide by, and you can stop to explore sights along the way. Many guides are available which provide RV travelers with a list of stops and rest areas which are friendly to motorhomes and campers hitched to cars as well as optimal places to stop and enjoy the view. With an RV, you are in control of your vacation schedule, which means you can manage your own return date.

Spend More Time With Family

Even if you’ve gone on family vacations before, you might return feeling like you never actually spent much time together. Between the distractions of entertainment, electronics, and everyone wanting to do their own thing, quality family time is often missing on conventional trips. Fortunately, journeying with an RV naturally creates family bonding time, as your family can spend time together on the road and participate in family activities during the day. If you stop in an RV park at night, the family can also enjoy bonding time gathered around the campfire.

Learn Along The Way

Unlike a plane or train ride, exploring in an RV means that you can stop in to visit a picturesque town, museum, or historical site along the way. Adding an educational component to a road trip is a great way to make a memorable vacation. You might also find that you or your family members develop a new hobby or educational interest by experiencing something fascinating along the way. Stopping at national parks, national forests, and other outdoor areas will also help children foster a greater sense of appreciation for nature.

Make New Friends

Each day that you travel in an RV brings more experiences, opportunities, and adventures. When you pull up to an RV park in the evening, you have a chance to share those stories with fellow RV travelers. In turn, they can share their stories and adventures with you. A certain sense of camaraderie develops among RV vacationers and many form lifelong bonds and friendships on the road. Another advantage of meeting new RV vacationers is that they can act as personal tour guides by suggesting good places to stay and visit that are also RV-friendly along your route.


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