The Benefits & Challenges of Biking During the Winter

Many people have a tendency to put their bicycles away for the winter. However, you still see some people battling the snow and rain to bike as bikers often use hydration packs when riding around town. The right men’s bike can certainly get you where you need to go, and if you are not normally a winter rider, then you should reconsider. It certainly comes with some extra challenges, but you will likely find the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Make sure you look at the best city bikes available so that you are ready to get on the road.

The Benefits

The main benefit you get from riding a bike in the winter is that you enjoy a more intense workout. Since it is colder outside, your body has to generate more heat, so you burn more calories during your workout. Every time you shiver, you burn calories. When it is hot out, you tend to move around less because there are zero direct visceral rewards for moving around. In contrast, you get immediate relief from the cold when you move, so you get better exercise.

A lot of people tend to overeat during the winter. It is the time of year when people gather together with their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you have a lot of good meals ahead of you. It is perfectly normal to eat more than often during this time of year, but you want to make sure you compensate accordingly. A more intense workout will prevent you from packing on too many pounds toward the end of the year.

Finally, if you need a reason to look into the best women’s bikes, then consider how much better you will feel emotionally. Due to less daylight and more darkness, winter has been known to worsen or cause depression. When you feel a bit down, one of the best things you can do is go outside and move around. You could even consider taking some wireless earphones with you too. That would allow you to listen to some music on your bike ride. If you don’t have any, you could visit to read reviews about some different models. When listening to music, be careful on the roads as you might not hear cars around you. It may not cure everything, but exercise does release serotonin, so you will be in a better mood when you come back home after a bike ride. If you go out at night, then make sure you wear bright clothing so that you can be seen. Otherwise, you are ready to hit the streets.

The Challenges

The major challenge that comes with biking in the winter is the inopportune weather. You need to be extremely careful when you bike after a snowfall or rainstorm. You want to make sure you purchase a sturdy, durable bike. It is recommended to buy a single speed, fixed gear bike when you live in this kind of climate because they have fewer moving parts that can sustain damage from the lowered temperatures. Be safe out there, and make sure to properly maintain your bicycle.

It takes a certain level of mental preparation to go out biking in the winter. However, you are likely to discover the benefits are essential during the wintertime, and it lets you get the most bang for your buck out of your new bike. Start searching online now for a men’s bike you can ride everywhere during the winter.

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