The Adventure-Themed Online Slots that Should be on Your Bucket List

For most explorers and travel fanatics, there are usually restrictions on how much travel is possible in a year. Whether that’s financially or due to time restrictions. Once the travel bug bites, it’s hard to scratch the itch. However, the development of adventure-themed online slot games shoots two birds with one stone for avid travellers. 1, you get the chance to win progressive jackpot prizes which could pay for your next trip. 2, it brings all of the action of adventure right to your home. Or, wherever you happen to currently be on some part of the globe. All you need is Wi Fi to plug into the immersive games which provide the ultimate experience in escapism, well, escapism that doesn’t require you to leave your living room. provides a host of games suited to get the adrenaline pumping. If the on-screen excitement isn’t enough, the prospect of growing your bank account definitely should be. So, whether you’re a well-experienced traveler who has touched down on every corner of the globe or someone who has always dreamt about experiencing exotic cultures, the dynamic range of adventure slots have you covered. Whether you want to tear up the streets of Monaco or hunt for adventure in majestic lands, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you do not have access to some of these online playing websites, you may want to look at using a Pirate proxy so you can gain access wherever you are, it’ll make it a lot easier for you to have that fun you’ve been craving!

With so many action and adventure games currently on the market, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 adventure slot games which put an innovative twist on the much-loved classic slot machine game. With the chances to win greater prizes than have ever been available on traditional land-based slots and the colourful graphics you’ll have hours of fun and banish the boredom. With bets starting from as little as 2p, what do you have to lose?

Top 5 Online Slot Machine Games for Adventure Lovers

1. Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot

Gonzo’s Quest is by far the most popular game released by Net Entertainment who developed a classic-style slot packed full of eye-grabbing features such as the cascading reels otherwise known as avalanche reels. Paired with the mystical soundtrack, you’re in for an exotic treat from the 5-reel and 3-row slot which gives you 20 different ways to win. During the game play, you’ll watch Gonzo as he scours the lost city in the hunt or gold. The gameplay variance is medium to high. Which means while the game doesn’t pay out all too often, when it does, you can expect the pay outs to be significant.

2. The Wild Chase Online Slot

Fancy a trip to Monaco? Strap yourselves in and experience the thrill of hitting the tarmac with the Wild Chase online slot which is by far the most exhilarating online slot machine published to date. Driving along on the streets of Monaco no longer has to be a dream thanks to games developer Quickspin gaming who created the game to ooze glamour. In place of the traditional slot machine symbols are flashy symbols such as cash, diamond rings and watches. To make sure that you get the full feeling of euphoria, the Wild Chase online slot has been paired with energetic rock music to help you stay pumped as you progress through the slots and hit winning combinations. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to win re-spins on the 5-reel, 3-row set up which offers 25 ways to win. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the scatters and wildcards.

3. Treasure Island Online Slot

For any fans of Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island, the Treasure Island online slot is an absolute treat. The game is crammed full of treasure, and it’s all yours for the taking – If you play your spins right. No longer do you mournfully have to watch on as pirates plunder their way to riches. There’s plenty of features and side games in addition to the main gameplay action including the specially designed Treasure Hunt feature which allows you to dig for treasure on a map. Simply two locations which have been marked with the letter X to reveal generous cash prizes in the 5-reel and 4-row slots, with an impressive 40 different ways to win.

4. Jurassic Park Online Slot

Jurassic Park is a franchise that needs no introduction. The 90s cult hit film touched many hearts through its scenes of prehistoric carnage and adventure. Whilst we have been given plenty of remakes in recent years, no modern take will ever quite capture the same nostalgia. Yet, having the ability to win cash watching the action is a definite incentive to sink your teeth into the scenes on the iconic island. Online casino giants Microgaming have created a visual treat with the Jurassic Park slot, which as you can expect is set in the jungle. The progressive slot game offers players over 243 ways to win, and there are plenty of other features which will keep you on your toes. With bated breath wait for the randomly triggered “Red Alert Mode” The T-Rex will pop on the 3rd spin up during a round of six spins. During this round, 35 wild cards will be added for the chance to cash in on a mega win on the 5-reel and 3-row slots.

5. The Orient Express Online Slot

No matter how far we move through history, it seems like the iconic tales of the orient express will never lose their mystery. Whilst the rail networks have moved on, the epic adventure associated with the Orient Express lives on. Whilst not everyone will have the opportunity to jump aboard the Orient Express for themselves, now everyone can have a taste of the action as you travel across Europe to the lands of Istanbul. The timeless glamour may initially draw players in on the 5-reel, 3-row slot which gives you 20 ways to win. Yet, what keeps players spinning the realms of the unpredictability of the progressive game which has been designed by Yggdrasil. The Orient Express online slot is one of the only games to feature four different modes to choose from.

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