Thai Lion Air Implements New Baggage Policy: No More Free Checked Bags

Thai Lion Air, one of the largest budget airlines in Southeast Asia, has changed their baggage policy as of January 2019. They have completely removed free checked baggage from their economy class tickets. The new policy allows you to carry on a bag up to 7kg that is no larger than 30 x 40 x 20 cm. Thai Lion Air is one of the cheapest ways to get around Southeast Asia, so many people book flights with them. If you’re flying with them, there’s a few things you need to know:  

Buy checked baggage online before you get to the airport. 

This is definitely the most important tip. Thai Lion Air will charge you very high fees if you try to pay for your checked luggage at the airport, up to $200 USD per bag in many cases. That’s why it’s very important to add baggage allowance online at least 24 hours before your flight because you will pay much less that way. To purchase baggage allowance, we recommend you use, it’s a service that will add the baggage allowance to your booking for you. The reason you need to use the Buy Baggage website is the Thai Lion Air website will only accept credit and debit cards issued within Thailand. So, if you live outside of Thailand, you most likely can only buy baggage through, but they have very reasonable prices, and you can read reviews about Buy Baggage on their facebook page. 

The Buy Baggage website also allows you to purchase seat upgrades for Thai Lion Air flights, and if you email them directly, they can purchase meals for you. Meals can only be purchased online before your flight, there is no in-flight purchasing of meals available on any flights for Thai Lion Air. 

Thai Lion Air staff is very strict about baggage policies. 

The carry-on allowance is 7kg and if you go over that, the staff will not be nice and let it go. They are very strict and will enforce the cabin baggage policy without any wiggle room. Many people who have flown with them have written about how strict and unaccommodating the staff is so definitely do not try to bring a bag that goes over the specified weight or dimensions and do not try to carry on multiple bags or items. If you’re traveling with special items like an instrument, you may want to book with another airline instead if possible. 

Bring only what you REALLY need. 

This is important, because even though you can buy baggage allowance before your flight, you still will pay for every kg of stuff that you bring along. If you can avoid bringing some things, and pack light you will save a good amount of money on your trip. We recommend you lay out all your stuff on your bed in order of importance and then cut the items you think you can live without. 

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