Take A Journey Down Wine Tourism

Even though tourism is big in every country, there are other forms which are slowly catching up with the general industry. Wine tourism is slowly becoming a thing now, and three countries are paving the way for all the countries in the world. Spain, Argentina, and India are the main three that are embracing it at a much faster rate than all the others. Since wine tourism is not that popular, a lot of people are probably wondering what it really is.

What is Wine Tourism?

Wine tourism is all about traveling the world to different vineyards and wineries to taste the wine straight from where it is made. You have to be at the source of the wine you are holding in your hands for it to be regarded as wine tourism. The three main countries that are the frontiers of this new and exciting phenomenon are India, Argentina, and Spain. Little communities of wine lovers are springing up every single day in a bid to push forward a culture that is both healthy and environment-friendly. It is no secret that wine is enjoyed by many people from all over, that is why drinkers can now order wine online and have it shipped to their door through a subscription service, or by making up a case of handpicked bottles. There is no wrong way to enjoy wine nowadays.


Spain has always been known for its exquisite wine. It is home to some of the world’s finest wineries and expensive bottles you can’t even begin to pronounce. Thanks to wine tourism, they are pushing this rich culture to other parts of the world and soon, everybody will want in. Most US and UK residents are in love with the delicious Spanish wine, and they can’t get enough of it. They have embraced the wine culture with open arms.


Argentina has also caught the bug, and they have taken tremendous strides to improve their wine production. At the moment, most of their wineries have been turned into bars and hotels so that visitors can stay longer and enjoy every single sip. This culture has ensured that every tourist that comes to Argentina has to taste their wine first in order to have a wholesome experience. To get your fill of the finest Argentine wine, make sure you visit San Juan, La Roja, Patagonia and Rio Negro among others.


Wine festivals are the crème de la crème of wine tourism. Millions of people from across the globe flock different wineries and have their fair share of the finest wine straight from the source. As always, India is not being left behind. The Narayangaon Wine Festival is one of the biggest events in wine tourism. Thousands of wine lovers will flock the Indage Vintners winery and indulge in the fine art of wine tasting. This festival is an annual event and each year the number of attendees increases. It won’t be long before it becomes a big part of the area’s economy and culture.

Wine Tourism is a culture that can influence the world in a positive way. It is a festival that parents can attend with their kids and have lots of fun. For it to grow faster, it takes the efforts of individual enthusiasts who have a deep passion or appreciation for wine and the skill required to turn it from grapes to drinks.