Suzuki Gs500 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

If you’ve just bought a Suzuki GS500, you’ve just procured the template for an incredible, personalized ride. Like many popular models, it’s got a library of add-ons, upgrades, and aesthetic customization options available. The question is, where do you start? If you’re like many new owners, you want to make sure you get the essential quality of life upgrades out of the way. For those who have owned a bike before, the systems that are most vital to upgrade are pretty easy to guess, minus the quirks unique to this bike. For those who have never owned their own motorcycle, though, it can be tough to know where to start.

Safety Gear and Apparel Essentials

Before you worry about the bike itself, start with the accessories that go on you. Make sure you’ve got the right apparel for every weather situation and riding season. It makes sense to invest in riding pants and a jacket, padded jeans and shirts, and other apparel that lets you layer up and down without compromising on protection. Gloves, boots, and a helmet also help protect you and provide you with an opportunity to further customize your aesthetic. Along with those essentials, you might also want to upgrade your lights for better night time visibility and your brakes to a higher performance model. New stock brakes on a Suzuki are great, but you never know what action a used one has seen. If you ride long distances regularly, you might want to consider getting a cup or bottle holder so you can keep yourself fuelled, as well as the bike.

Accessory Power Outlets and Chargers

If you are looking to add electronic accessories for entertainment or navigation, you need a way to power them on the road or you are going to wind up depleting any interior charge on their batteries. Many riders opt to put in an accessory port that can be used to power a GPS or stereo, or even both. Consider what a wired accessory port can do to help you keep your phone, GPS, and other devices charged on the road. Along with that installation, you may also want:

  • Gear to hold your phone or GPS in place
  • Storage for your time in transit
  • Battery and charging system upgrades for enhanced performance

Engine and Exhaust Tweaks To Make It Your Own

There’s a world of change and a long learning curve when it comes to engine and exhaust upgrades, but you can make some basic changes for aesthetic and performance tweaks that will make a big difference without spending a ton.

  • New exhaust baffles/tube upgrades
  • Performance spark plugs, upgraded wires, and other cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts
  • Gear ratio adjustments and possibly an upgraded chain

Prioritizing these Suzuki GS500 aftermarket parts and accessories means getting more out of the parts you know your motorcycle will wear through. That gives you a big performance boost for a low buy-in, and it helps you understand where the bike’s more expensive upgrades should start by showing you which areas of improvement are making the most progress without a huge investment, so you can slowly build the bike into the perfect fit for your riding style.

Where To Find Your Parts and Upgrades

The best way to find great deals is to shop where you can find the widest selection of parts and accessories while seeing new deals rotating in on a regular basis. There’s one source on the net with the widest collection, from new aftermarket upgrades to your Suzuki GS500 to Honda Z50 OEM parts on sale. All you need to do is find your way there.

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