Smart And Simple Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

If you are looking for cosmetic treatment home or abroad, joining the thousands of medical tourists who do each year, you’ll want to do your research and make a savvy decision. Rather than opting for the cheapest option you see first, you’ll want to explore what is available to you for your aesthetic demands.

You may find that there are some smart and simple solutions to your problem that you’ve not considered first. For instance, visiting a dental clinic (click here to know about specialty dental clinics) and getting the tooth fixed through contemporary methods can be a great option. Similarly, one of the most popular cosmetic treatments people seek are dental procedures to improve their smile, for example, so what happens if you have a chipped tooth? What can be done to resolve this and are there any simple solutions?

Seek a Dental Consultant

Before booking any treatment, you’ll want to ensure that you’re choosing the right one for the issue you have. When it comes to a chipped tooth, there are a few different solutions that can be recommended, but it will depend on the type of chipped tooth you have and how severe it is. Seeking advice before travelling anywhere for cosmetic treatment is advisable, with many clinics across the world able to provide phone or video consultations. A popular destination for medical tourists is to have cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey thanks to the high-quality standards within hospitals and clinics in the country and the superior results that can be achieved.

Before travelling to Turkey, for example, you can speak to a dental consultant via phone or video and show the chipped tooth. A face to face consultation will still be required to assess the tooth up close and make final treatment recommendations, but you’ll have a better understanding of what the options are first.

Types of Fixes

It’s never recommended to fix a chipped tooth yourself, even if it may seem like an easy way to resolve your issue. If you do chip your tooth, you may experience some pain and discomfort, so you can take painkillers or even use mouthwash to help cleanse and remove anything trapped. If the issue is much more serious and has caused bleeding, you may want to consult an emergency dentist. If the chipped tooth is not causing any discomfort and it is the aesthetic you want to improve, these are the simplest ways a dentist can help:

Bonding the Tooth – a composite resin is used to create a mould of the chipped tooth and from here create an accurate fitting that matches the tooth. This is normally ideal for small chips and is simple to do, lasting for many years.

Veneers – these are porcelain covers that are placed in front of the chipped tooth and are usually ideal for larger chips. These are also long-lasting and will provide a natural smooth finish.

Dental Implants – for severe cases of chipped teeth, Dental Implants will probably be required, wherein the chipped tooth would be removed and replaced.

Crowns – Similar to veneers, crowns will cover the whole chipped tooth rather than just the front. Crowns are usually a good option if the tooth is badly damaged as they will also protect the nerve.

Whilst chipping your tooth can be somewhat distressing, especially if it occurs while travelling the globe, there are smart and simple ways to help resolve it quickly whilst staying affordable. Seek advice from a dentist as soon as possible and look forward to restoring your smile.

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