A Short Guide on Traveling with Newborns

Traveling with newborns can be very stressful. It can bring in a surge of emotions. It can drive a person to break down and cry in the middle of a living room floor. Just thinking about it can bring a load of stress that seems nearly impossible to get out of. However, one keeps pushing if there’s something you’re looking forward to, such as a vacation or visiting family.

In the Beginning

You have to plan. No doubts about it, planning is essential. This does not mean that you need to make thirty charts, lists, and graphs to plan, it just means plan – one list that is detailed will do. Stick to it and begin executing your plan quite a bit of time before the actual date of travel happens. Nothing is worse than trying to pack everything and be prepared than a last minute throw-together.

The Planning

Your main priority will be packing for your precious baby. You will need to make sure you have all of the appropriate amounts of items needed for timely feedings. You will need clothes, lots of clothes. Then the big stuff: strollers, pack and plays, car seat/carriers, anything that has to do with baby. If you’re having issues finding a good play yard, there is a list of the top 6 travel play yards for you to go through.  You need enough clothes for the trip itself and extras in case of a mishap, and with babies, you can bet it will in fact happen. You also have to plan diapers, the amount of diapers you will need, and if there will be an available way of getting more just in case.

Odds are that you will forget something, but given the correct planning, you’ll not forget the most important. If you have other children, incorporate them into the process so that they have a better understanding and build on planning skills. Make sure to pack yourself clothes and Tylenol. You are going to need it.

In the End

In the end, when you are reaching your destination and have followed these tips, you’ll be relieved. You have made sure that you all have made it safely. You all are also comfortable. You are able to take care of baby easier even though you are not home. With any luck at all, you will not have to do any last minute running around trying to piece something together that you missed. This allows for little stress and enjoyments of whatever trips you have chosen to take. Happy traveling!

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