Shangri La Casino in Minsk announces the Lexus Show

The best casino in Minsk – Shangri La – opens the Lexus Show 2019. It is easy to quench your thirst for strong sensations during a luxurious party, because the main surprise of the night is a premium car.

October 26, the program highlight was the magnificent Lexus. But the hunting season continues! The night safari on the Lexus will take place on November 23! Guests are provided with a thrill. And the brave and courageous Fortune favorites will make friends with a car that has the real predator character – Lexus NX. On December 21, the trophy for the most successful participant will be Lexus RX!

On the show day, an exciting show program is guaranteed, because Shangri La is a synonym for luxury and comfort. Of course, many surprises have been prepared for the guests. On November 23, Lada Dance will sing for the guests. Do not miss your chance, come to have a good time and admire Lexus in the most elite casino in Minsk.

Why Shangri La Casino in Minsk is so cool?

Shangri La is a famous casino with the luxurious VIP Club atmosphere. It is a part of the network of the Storm International, Darren Keane its CEO said, company known for its professional management. The establishment opened in 2009 and quickly became the most famous casino in Belarus, popular with both the metropolitan audience and foreign guests.

Shangri La Doors are open every day 24 hours a day. A comfortable atmosphere, sophisticated interiors, impeccable service, excellent cuisine and memorable entertainment programs quickly created an impeccable reputation for the place. Guests can play in the common room or retire in private rooms. At the same time, the casino guarantees complete security and anonymity.

In a luxury and comfort atmosphere accompanied by light music, it is pleasant to play in the slot room on 32 of the most modern slot machines from world famous manufacturers AGI and EGT. In some rooms guest play roulette and spend time at the card tables. Poker and blackjack fans will appreciate the cozy, conducive to the game environment.

Shangri La Restaurant offers a first-class cuisine from Chef Marc Ulrich, who will amaze even culinary delights connoisseurs. It serves the best of European cuisine.

Pleasant bonuses of Shangri La casino

The legendary gambling establishment does everything that the game process was as enjoyable as possible. The settlement system is de-bureaucratic, so you do not have to carry chips and cash with you. Absolutely all players get points using a unique system. Points are awarded regardless of the game results on roulette, slots or at the card tables. They depend only on the average bet and the game duration.

The most active participants receive a lot of pleasant bonuses, visits to exotic show programs and participation in casino Super Games. In unit of Storm International, Darren Keane added, they honor the traditions of the most prestigious gambling clubs of the world, so the X.O. VIP Club is open for regular visitors. True gambling connoisseurs can become a member to play with the highest bets, participate in private events, use casino, restaurant and bar services as well as personal business class cars.

Events at Shangri La

Every weekend and on holidays, the best casinos in Belarus host luxurious parties, performances by stand-up comedians, world-class pop stars. And, of course, all guests and visitors who bought a Minsk junket tour can participate in super games. The main event of this fall is the Lexus Show! Come and experience the disposition of Ms. Fortune. The bravest are waited for a successful Lexus hunt at Shangri La casino!