Sewing with the Strongest Thread

There are already a lot of different kinds of upholstery sewing threads available in the market, but how can you make sure that you are getting the best kind of thread to sew with? Because you have a wide variety to choose from, you should be able to identify which kind of thread would be your go-to, versatile but at the same time highly durable bet. For an all-purpose upholstery sewing kind of thread that has great strength, then the best kind you should go with are Nylon threads. Bonded nylon threads are the strongest pools of threads you could get which are perfect for upholstery projects and other applications which need heavy-duty stitching and sewing. In fact, because of its durability, it is actually the most popular kind of thread that is used for upholstered furniture. If you are a furniture designer and maker, then you should probably consider bonded nylon threads to be your go-to upholstery sewing thread. Not only will it help you achieve good looking pieces of furniture, but it would also give you high quality pieces without having to spend so much on your cost of materials.

Nylon Threads are Perfect to Be Used for Upholstered Indoor Furniture

If you may have noticed furniture produced by known companies like office monster and similar others, you can see how sturdy the furniture is and the top-quality of the materials that they use. In a similar light, indoor furniture is perhaps one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home, which means that it has a faster wear and tear that could be damaging. Therefore, when making indoor upholstered furniture, you would need a really strong and heavy duty thread to keep the stitches intact and give your furniture pieces a stronger hold even as many people sit on them, or even if a lot of children would jump and down on them, or maybe even when dogs would scratch on it. Using bonded nylon threads for the construction of indoor upholstered furniture is ideal because nylon threads have a great flexibility and it could easily be stretched, giving you great sew ability. Not only that but it is also very durable, so you could use it even for heavier fabrics such as leather, canvass, acetate, and the like.

Get Smooth Stitches Through the Whole Process

Bonded nylon threads have a bonding agent coating the nylon thread fibres to make it more durable and of course to give it a smoother finish. Because of this coating, the friction between the thread and the fabric material is reduced to give you, the maker, greater sew ability and ease in moving through each stitch. The bonding agent that coats the thread fibres also give the whole thread a higher tolerance to heat compared to your regular nylon thread. Because of this, you could easily sew into tough to work with and heavier fabrics like leather, vinyl, and canvass. You would not have any limitations to the kinds and designs of upholstered furniture you would like to create because of this highly durable and versatile upholstery sewing thread.

Get Quality Output and Still Have Stylish Pieces

Sometimes, quality and style could not agree and would not be able to go hand in hand. When this happens, it is either quality would suffer, or if you have a high quality pieces, style could suffer. With bonded nylon threads, you do not have to face this compromise of choosing which to put first – whether style or quality. There is no question of “or?” because of the wide range of colours that you could choose from that could perfectly compliment the style you are trying to achieve when you design and make your upholstered pieces of furniture. With your wide range of option, you would never have to take your imagine back anymore every time you come up with your designs. Feel free to just let your creativity flow because high quality and stylish pieces are needed in the market these days.

Bonded Nylon Threads are Inexpensive and Easy to Come By

You would not have a hard time looking for suppliers who can provide you with bonded nylon threads because these synthetic threads are easy to find. Not only that, but they also do not cost as much as other threads even with its high strength and great durability. You do not have to shell out so much money just to have high quality pieces of upholstered furniture, and in effect, the pieces that you sell do not also have to cost so much. This would help you to move products faster because they are very affordable in price but at the same time could give your clients a piece of furniture that is worth their money because it would last for a long time in their homes. Quality and stylish pieces would help you grow your furniture business through your client’s word of mouth because of how happy they are with the great quality, durability, class, and sophistication of your designed pieces of furniture.

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