Reciprocating saw Makita 18v: an optimal tool for everyday needs


The reciprocating saw is a multi-tasking handy power tool, that can handle many complexities. The presence of such a device at home will be able to replace a whole list of various tools and will also become an excellent assistant for working on a personal plot. This multifunctional tool is excellent for cutting

  • sheet materials
  • tree branches
  • boards
  • cutting out curly parts
  • pipes made of steel
  • sawing off excess parts of various materials.

When choosing a cordless reciprocating saw, it is very important to select a quality and reliable gadget. The effectiveness of the work performed depends on this. And in some cases, operator safety.

For those cases when the work requires a powerful and at the same time compact tool, a line of Makita reciprocating saw 18v is perfect. Their extremely powerful motor and a big amount of useful functions distinguish these tools. Makita reciprocating saw 18v brushless includes features such as

  • Electric brake for quick and safe stopping
  • Speed ​​controller 
  • Backlight for working in the dark
  • Blade replacement mechanism
  • Setting the cutting depth

Benefits of Makita Cordless Reciprocating Saw 18v

When the conversation turns to the frequent and widespread use of power tools, the cordless type of charging has many advantages over standard main options.

  1. Autonomy.

The Makita 18v reciprocating saw brushless is battery-powered and completely self-contained. It is ideal for working in hard-to-reach places where there are no electrical connections.

  1. Unlimited possibilities

The work can be performed both on an amateur and professional level. The wide range of materials with which such a device can work is another of its advantages.

  1. Optimized for user-friendly design

The built-in battery eliminates the need to fiddle with the power cord. This type of tool also has a clever body design that fits perfectly in the operator’s hand.

Reciprocating saw Makita 18v

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