Principles that make the trip unforgettable.

  • Open your mind

Be open to new cultures and different ways of thinking (sometimes better). Your life has the potential to grow indefinitely by being open to new knowledge.

  • Expand your limits. Live something newly discover yourself

Try something new every day to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. Go to nature and sleep under the stars. Try exotic and foreign dishes. attend a religious ceremony throwing tomatoes at festivals; do something that scares you; and talk to strangers. A look at The Ticket Factory where you can tickets to almost any kind of activity.

  • Interact. Engage. I kiss listening

Our most important discoveries and unforgettable experiences come from those of us on the road. Interact with locals and other travelers. Ask questions to deepen cultures and beliefs. Listen carefully You have two ears and one mouth. Make your mission learn as much as possible and interact with your peers. Also share your own culture.

  • Be present and passionate.

There is no past or future. Life exists only now. Be present and live every moment. Stay away from the computer and the lens and let your five senses absorb the world. Go ahead and live with passion every moment. Do not forget your chance, rejoice! You have planned and saved for this adventure, you will not want to lose it if you live in the land of your mind or in the affairs of others.

  • Travel with fear, wonder and gratitude.

The only possibility that I believe is that which determines your place of birth. When you travel the world, you are privileged. Be grateful and use it to travel around the world with the eyes of a child.

  • Slow down

Regardless of the number of countries you have traveled to, it is important to know the size of your footprint. Did you really travel to a place when you walked without the time to appreciate and understand it? The best way to travel is slow. Stay longer in fewer places. It will cost less, you will see more, you will learn more, you will grow more and you will make incredible friendships.

  • Return and share what you have learned.

Give something back to businesses and local communities on the fly. Buy your local products, volunteer and help a stranger on the street. Sit with them in restaurants and houses and discuss. Jokes and plays when you talk. As you travel, you learn a lot about the world and about yourself. Do not keep these memories and lessons. Share them to keep them alive and inspire others to do the same.