Packing Essentials For A Nature Vacation

Nature vacations can be action packed with hikes, trails, and mountain ranges, or they can offer a slower, more relaxed way of life as you take photos of nature and enjoy getting off grid for a few days. Regardless of how you like to spend your time, there are a number of essential items that you should take in order to make the very most of the sights, and to stay safe and comfortable. Nature vacations can help you to feel energised, since you’re breathing in fresh untainted air, and living a more simplistic way of life. So, get everything you need packed up and head out into the great outdoors to reduce stress, improve brain function, and to keep you fit.

A Quality Camera

You never know what you’re going to see while you’re out and about and walking alongside wildlife, so be sure to take a camera with a powerful scope so that you can capture some truly brilliant images. You could also include a pair of binoculars or a telescope in your backpack, so that you can take full advantage of digiscoping and snapping shots from a great distance. If you’re wondering what is digiscoping? It’s a great way for nature enthusiasts and people who are passionate photographers. This is a great tool for taking photos from a great distance.


Camping when it’s raining outside can be thrilling, however, the fun of the experience soon depletes if the rain gets into your tent and soaks your belongings. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by using a new tent that you’ve searched thoroughly for signs of wear and tear. Always check the weather forecast before you camp out in the open, and use a tent with taped seams and good waterproofing. A single skin tent won’t make the grade if there’s heavy downpour, so invest in the best and be sure to look for a good HH (Hydrostatic Head) rating preferably above 3,000.

Plethora Of Bug Sprays

Since you’re heading off into the wild, you’ll be needing a small selection of insect repellents, bite creams, and soothing lotions. Don’t forget, that you’ll be traversing in nature where all sorts of creepy crawlies reside, so figure out which you can expect in the areas you’re going to and pack appropriately. Pack these items in a small pocket bag inside an easily accessible compartment of your bag, as this way you’ll be able to reach them quickly if you’re stung, bitten, or have a rash.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

One of the most important items you’ll be needing is a robust yet lightweight pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots. Ensure that you’ve worn your boots in prior to wearing them for the duration of your adventure, as otherwise you run the risk of being in pain and causing your feet to blister and bruise. Carry out some research before purchasing your walking attire, and consider using socks made from a fast-drying material such as merino wool. Be sure to pack at least three pairs of walking socks, and bring means to wash them using a pan and a box of matches ready to start a fire.


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