Online scratch cards: a complete guide to online scratch cards

Online scratch card games have recently arrived on the web and are now considered as full-fledged casino games. Check out this feature on online scratch cards to learn more about this real social phenomenon!

Learn how to use online scratch cards: point on the rules. Don’t kid yourself. If the rules of the scratch card games may seem simple, people who have never tried to scratch the tickets with a coin are rare, but they do exist. From coin to mouse, let’s go! To use an online scratch card, you must first register with a Then go to the space dedicated to online scratch cards and click on the one of your choice to launch the game. You then choose how much you want to invest on each ticket, and click on a button that will bring up the results that were previously hidden behind the boxes. Some games even have you move your mouse over the box to simulate a scratch action. You usually win if you get at least 3 identical symbols. Depending on the symbols, your bet is multiplied by a higher or lower coefficient.

If you win, the amount won is displayed on the screen and added to your bankroll. You can then try your luck on another ticket and see if you manage to generate money. Various strategies can earn you more on online scratch cards. Are there any tricks to understanding how to win at scratch cards? The answer is no. However, we can give you some secrets on how to make the fun last without going broke and missing out on the winning ticket. Check out our article to follow our valuable tips.

Unlike other games that you will find on casino sites, the strategy is not about how to play, but mostly about how to maximize the time spent on these almost magical online scratch cards. And to put all this data in place and test our claims, you can even play games on our free scratch card games area. Your scratch off games list contains lots of different versions.

Discover different ways to play what we affectionately call “scratchers”. You’ll find the type of ticket that suits you best, we guarantee it! Which publishers offer the best online scratch cards? Behind every online scratch card game is a casino game publisher. Of course, the quality of each of them is not equal. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your scratch card games, here is our selection of the most talented ticket creators:

  • Betsoft
  • 1X2 Gaming
  • IronDog
  • Quickfire
  • PariPlay
  • Spinomenal…

What will be the best scratch card games you will discover thanks to these top game providers? Test them and find out.

Find the best online scratch card games: our tips

Today in South Africa, the African des Jeux is the biggest competitor of online casino operators, especially in terms of online scratch cards. But what exactly is the situation in this commercial tug of war? We have chosen to give you the facts and see if either party has anything to worry about in terms of precious market share.

The bottom line is that scratch card sites offer the best quality of entertainment for players in our opinion. Not only do they have access to more profitable games on the internet than the FDJ, but also the betting levels are better suited to this digital format. And yes, via casino scratch games, you can start playing on a ticket with just a few cents. Even better, internet operators offer their subscribers regular bonuses: more money to use on games means more potential winnings… Thanks to our reviews, you can even select the casinos offering the most advantageous products: don’t miss out!

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