Online Money-Makers and Their Tech Tools

It’s perhaps an open secret by now that a lot of the travelers who operate blogs and claim to make money online make that money by selling “make money online” media and content, but that’s not how the entire industry is. There are many travel bloggers who genuinely make money online while they’re traveling through means which have nothing to do with soliciting funds from readers through something like selling them info products about how to make money online!

I’m not going to go into great detail about how each of them makes their online money while out and about, because I reckon that’s something which you can find out for yourself and something which you’d in actual fact have to work on yourself if you’re to be successful in your endeavors to live the so-called Digital Nomad lifestyle. I can tell you about how someone runs an e-commerce site for example, but I can guarantee you that if you follow their modus operandi step-by-step, you probably won’t make the kind of money they’re making, if any at all. You have to put your own stank on it, take ownership of it and find a unique selling point to monetize.

What I am going to discuss though are some of the work tools people who make money online and travel roll with, a couple of which may surprise you as to their simplicity.

The English Teacher

Whether you are fluent or a non-native English speaker, you have the opportunity to teach English as foreign language to international students. You can teach the comfort of your own home or whilst youre living out your digital nomad dreams! Many people have taken up the option of a TEFL course during the Covid-19 pandemic as it provides them a fast track to employment. Reputable TEFL courses take up to 168hrs to complete and once graduated you can earn a great salary immediately!

The Blogging Freelance Writer & Developer

There’s a freelance writer and programmer from South Africa who uses nothing more than the cheapest laptop he could find, which apparently cost him around $300. It’s a HP machine which seems to have all the required features, but it doesn’t appear to be all that durable – the plastic casing seems a bit cheaply put together…

The Travel Vlogger

A combination of a DSLR camera and a Gimbal is used by a popular travel vlogger who then goes on to edit all his videos to a professional standard on a standard laptop that he insists is of entry-level quality. You can share the Vlogs on YouTube and TikTok to monetize your videos. You may also look into additional resources (that you may find on sites similar to to increase views, likes, and Vlog traffic.
The Stock Photographer

One stock photographer from Canada uses nothing more than his Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone to snap great outdoor images to sell under the travel niche on several stock imagery sourcing sites.

The Blogging Poker Player

In this instance it was rather refreshingly a lady who blogs about her earnings through playing various casino online games which include poker as the main focus and she uses a top-of-the-line, 16-inch screen laptop which she plugs into a powerful graphics card so that she can play in several live poker rooms at once!

The Non-Blogging CFD Trader

I’m perhaps being a little naughty specifying that this particular CFD trader DOES NOT blog like many of the other traveling online earners mentioned here, but that’s because many budding online money makers who want to travel as well think that it’s impossible without blogging. This bloke uses nothing but his Smartphone as the tech with which to earn his money, with his reasoning being that he uses a strategy that ensures he keeps it simple when selecting securities to trade. It’s similar to investment trading like stocks or bitcoin transaktion ohne gebühr (commission-free bitcoin transactions) except you are betting on the price of the trade going down, instead of up. You could look into one or all of these trading methods mentioned and see if one could supplement a traveling lifestyle. At most, you just need a phone with an internet connection and a good sense of wits.

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