On-Demand Laundry Platforms: what are they for?

These days multiple on-demand services help us effortlessly cope with boring daily duties. We shall figure out what on-demand laundry frameworks are and what they can offer to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Benefits such frameworks provide

By and large, every platform of such kind is able to offer the below benefits for those who own a laundry facility:

  • Total control over the processes. The software in question allows running the venture supervising all procedures.
  • Wider audience. When building an on-demand application for the online laundry business, it’s possible to reach more customers and turn them into loyal clients.
  • Revenue increase. The more customers you attract, the greater profit you’ll manage to obtain.
  • Automation. Some business processes could be easily automated, consequently, the owners get more time to take care of vital issues.
  • Company enhancement. Online solutions serve as great advertising mechanisms to market the business and strengthen public awareness.
  • Reports. These services offer multiple analytical means to track the performance and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Those programs also offer great advantages for the users who are looking for laundry services. For instance, availability and safety, the possibility to select a dry cleaner from the list provided, a chance to book cleaning-laundry services whenever customers want to, and more. To learn more about the given systems we shall speak about their parameters.

Features of on-demand laundry resources

De facto, it makes sense to distinguish the 3 groups of users who can take advantage of the given resources: people who need to get laundry done, owners of laundries, and couriers. Let’s talk about each group.

Essential features for clients:

  • Searching & Filtering. Users prefer to apply for search tools to find the establishment that would meet their expectations.
  • Details of each laundry. To choose a laundry service, people need to learn more about them, say, find out opening hours, prices, contact data, specialization, exact location, etc.
  • Favorites. When a person finds a laundry he/she is fully happy with, it’s better to allow them to add it into the favorite section to easily place orders next time.
  • Cost estimations. Those calculation instruments help people to figure out how much they have to pay if resorting to this or that service.
  • Ordering. It’s about pre-ordering options, tools to confirm orders, the possibility to update some details, or even cancel bookings.
  • Choosing couriers. It’s so convenient since couriers can come, pick up what needs to be cleaned, and bring it back when it’s ready.
  • Tracking the status. Users like to know at what stage the process is, so status informing tools are mandatory here.
  • Payment. It’s much easier, not to mention safer, to pay through the app rather than deal with cash. Especially with the security that can come with dealing with an authorized merchant account (learn more on https://www.easypaydirect.com/merchant-accounts/ or similar webpages), users can rest assured that their monetary transactions are carried out safely.
  • Order history. Users might need to look at their previous activities, thus, this feature is important.
  • Chat. Customers shall be able to get in touch with the representatives of laundries.
  • Notifications. They’re to update users on order status, inform them about new functionality, notify them of loyalty program policies, etc.

Features for business owners:

  • Info on customers. Dry-cleaning service staff shall be capable of viewing the particulars on probable clients before taking an order.
  • Data collection. While taking advantage of these solutions, business owners succeed in creating their databases of customers.
  • Handling orders. There shall be tools to take & cancel service requests, check and modify details, estimate costs, and more.
  • Payment variants. Great platforms offer multiple options for their users to choose the gateway they feel to apply.
  • Loyalty programme. Such software is perfect to plan some individual discounts, selling, bonus accumulation, advertising, etc.
  • Analytics. Every business requires thorough reports, statistical data, analytical diagrams, and the like.

Features for couriers:

  • tools for searching suitable requests;
  • implements to handle requests;
  • GPS instruments;
  • tools to check income;
  • possibility to chat.

Have you considered designing an on-demand laundry application yet? Well, it’s perfect timing to reflect on it.