Non-Mainstream Services for Travelers

If they can ever be given a title which accurately describes them as a group that can be painted with the same brush, frequent travelers can perhaps be referred to as people with plans – people who make it happen, usually through products and services mainly which are non-mainstream. How many times has your frequent traveler friend suggested to you some website or app you can use to get whatever it is you want to get done much cheaper, faster, or in an all-round better way, for example?

It’s all about becoming comfortable with non-mainstream services in particular, which you can also benefit from beyond the world of travel.

Group affiliate earnings programs

This is the ultimate way through which travelers make use of non-mainstream services successfully, but it’s an approach which epitomizes the need to work together in a concerted effort.

So there are some travelers who realized that they can earn commission by referring other travelers to the booking sites and agencies they use to organize all the administrative aspects of their trips, such as how if your fellow traveler buddies book accommodation through your affiliate link, you would get paid a certain percentage of the commission which otherwise goes to the booking platform in question. Now, instead of each traveler going it alone, they come together and use one referral link, the profits of which are used to the benefit of the entire group to cover services including travel insurance, basic accommodation and food, transport & transport-related services, tax & visa requirements, and complimentary and free services

Travel insurance

Travel insurance becomes so much cheaper if purchased in “bulk,” something which these travelers who have come together to generate a pool of money often do in that way.

Basic accommodation and food

When certain segments of what is the larger group of travelers are all headed to the same destinations, a portion of the money generated through pooled affiliation is used to cover travel expenses such as basic accommodation and food, like booking out an entire mansion and then stocking up on groceries to feed everybody at what is effectively no fee at all.

Transport and transport-related services

Transport and transport related services are pretty much catered to in the same way that basic accommodation and food is covered.

Tax and visa requirements

When this concerted approach to affiliate earnings deployment becomes serious, some groups of travelers form a company and invest that money into travel-related services which bring in some profits, with each member listed as a director or shareholder, thereby easing the common challenges they’d otherwise come across with regards to taxes and qualifying for something like a travel visa.

Complimentary and free services

The complimentary services such as getting free credit to book accommodation make for a regular activity to take advantage of amongst travelers, but this knack for identifying what can be said to be “non-mainstream” services because of the fact that they can get them for free goes beyond their travels. For example, when researching what conditions qualify for LTD, a traveler will almost immediately pick up on the fact that they can probably get a free consultation for such issues they may have to deal with. It’s an instinct they naturally develop.