New Format of Rest in Riga – Fascinating and Unusual Junket Tours

Today, so-called junket tours, which offer their clients advanced travel agencies and casino operators, are becoming more and more popular. For the CSI countries, this is a relatively new type of vacation organization, while in European countries it has existed for a long time and tours are in great demand. For game lovers, such vacation will turn into a real paradise! And now, Riga’s guests  can get their piece of paradise right in the city center, for example, by ordering a junket tour to Riga at SL Casino.

Meet the junket tours: what will be your vacation?

The cost of junket to Latvia includes all expenses that may appear on vacation: accommodation, food and drinks, flight, transfer to the hotel and airport, all kinds of entertainment and other services in which the client is interested. The entire amount is paid in the contract terms.

In the CIS, guests can go on a junket tour to Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Belarus. The Shangri La VIP gambling chain, which also includes SL Casino, operates in several countries. And all of its units offer game tours. If you are interested in unusual and exciting vacation options, you can get acquainted with all the offers and find out the details on each unit official website.

Game Tour Terms

In order for the vacation to go without surprises, the casino enter into an agreement that stipulates the tour terms, ranging from the hotel room category to the amount that must be spent on bets in different games.

The main junket tours “trick”, which attracts game fans, is the opportunity to play in the best casinos. Guests can visit the luxurious gaming halls at any time and enjoy their favorite hobby, and spend free hours on excursions or just differently at their discretion.

From a financial point of view, the junket is very attractive, since the organizers offer guests preferential terms for buying chips, additional bonuses for playing, transfer, accommodation, participation in entertainment events, excursion services, etc. If you come to the city on your own, play in a casino, pay for a hotel, food and guide services, a vacation will cost much more.

Conditions: some mandatory points

Going on a tour, the client assumes some obligations. The entertainment complex puts forward such conditions in order to protect itself from scammers who want to relax luxuriously, but at the same time not play in the casino. Usually, when discussing their trip with a unit representative, guests will find out all the conditions.

• You need to spend the agreed number of hours in the game room, play certain games and slot machines. You can also play in unit excess norm if you wish.

• As a rule, the amount laid down on bets and the minimum and maximum rates are discussed.

• At the same time, all won amounts do not need wagering.

There are still nuances. Going on a tour to Riga, you should know the following:

• The organizer may pay a round trip

Depending on how much the junket is ordered for, the organizer can pay for the flight. Guests can choose the departure day, convenient flight, transfer type.

• Accommodation and meals

You can choose all conditions. As a rule, SL Casino guests are accommodated in Kempinski hotel comfortable rooms. But if there are special wishes, they can all be agreed upon. Accommodation necessarily includes meals according to a certain system, as a rule, “all inclusive”. Drinks, including alcohol, are also provided for free.

These unusual tours attract more and more tourists to Riga. There is not a single person who would not be delighted with a vacation. If you want to try something completely new and unusual, live like a star in luxury and comfort, enjoy a variety of entertainment, go on a junket tour and try your luck at SL Casino! Look for the details on the official website:

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