Mykonos travel guide: a general overview (cost, transportation, feeding, accommodation)

If you’ve ever indicated a desire to travel to Mykonos Island out loud, one of the reactions you would have gotten is how much money that desire would cost you. Mykonos Island is one of the most expensive islands in Greece. Even with its expensive nature of trips to Mykonos Island, it is still one of the most visited locations in Greece.

Since a lot of tourists visit Mykonos Island every year, it is either they can all afford the trip, or they have found a way to travel to Mykonos Island on a budget. We believe it is more of the latter than former. Thus, we are sharing this guide on traveling to Mykonos Island without breaking the bank. This guide covers the overall cost of the travels as well as accommodation and feeding. We will also be offering tips on the best time to travel to Mykonos Island.


The accommodation options include hostels, hotels, and homes booked on Airbnb. Hostels are typically the cheapest option although the price of the hostels could also be termed pricey when compared to accommodation in other locations.

Hostels cost about £15 per night at the cheapest rate, while the flat rate is about £30. If one visits during the period when tourists frequent the island, accommodation costs typically skyrocket. The cheapest price of hotels which are usually two-star hotels is £15 per night. Airbnb shared rooms should also be about these rates.

To get the best deals on accommodation, it is important to make bookings through platforms where they are cheaper. There are a few of such platforms targeted at tourists on a budget. Also, the farther a location is from the town, the cheaper the accommodation rates will be.


Feeding is another expense that can drain a tourist’s pocket when they visit Mykonos. A basic meal can cost about £60. Cheaper food options include gyros and pizza which typically cost only a few pounds. If you decide to cook your meals, groceries will cost about£50 per week.

To spend the least amount of money while on a trip to Mykonos Island, aim for snacks which you will find readily on the streets. You could also treat yourself to a nice restaurant just once to enjoy the cuisine that Mykonos Island is also known for.


The ways of getting around Mykonos Island include scooters, buses, and taxis. As expected, taxis are the most expensive options costing about £20 per trip. Buses cost about £2 per trip, while one could rent a scooter for about £20 during the periods when tourist frequent the island and £10 during the periods when tourist traffic is low. One, however, requires a license to rent a scooter who is the cheapest form of transportation for tourists.

Generally, the cost of visiting Mykonos is very low in the off-season compared to the on-season when tourists visit in their multitude. The off-season of Mykonos Island is from January to May since tourists typically visit the island in their multitude from June to the end of the year.

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