Most Beautiful Places for Taking Photos in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an incredible country that’s often overlooked by aspiring adventurers. This ancient land has lush jungles, stunning architecture, sweeping tea plantations, and incredible beaches— adventure lies around every corner.

With these incredible surroundings comes endless photo opportunities. Here are some of the most beautiful places for taking pictures in Sri Lanka.

Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s perfect for hiking enthusiasts. The rolling mountains are punctuated by waterfalls, scenic overlooks, rice terraces, lush forests, and secret villages. 

While hiking the Knuckles, you won’t want to miss the lush Dothalugala nature trail or the Nitro Caves. Remember to stop at Mini World’s End to take a photo from the top of a 3,900-foot drop. 

Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid

Colloquially known as the Red Mosque, Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid is a stunning piece of architecture adorned with endless red and white stripes and checkered squares. It’s unlike any other building in the world and looks like something from a storybook.

Women hoping to explore Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid are required to cover their hair, arms, and legs before entering. Remember to grab an amazing shot for Instagram while here, and think of some great self portrait hashtags. You can click here to get the idea!

Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery

There’s unexpected beauty in forgotten things, something you’ll come to understand when you visit Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery. The ruins of this ancient church are sinking into the dunes with sand creeping up toward the once majestic arches. 

While it’s ok to explore and take pictures in this hauntingly beautiful area, remember to be respectful of the nearby graves of Sri Lankans who lost their lives in the 2004 tsunami. 


The sacred city of Anuradhapura is home to ancient monasteries and structures known as stupas or dagobas. Within Anuradhapura, you’ll find the Jetavanaramaya stupa which reaches 400 feet in the air. This iconic dome-shaped building was known as one of the tallest structures of the ancient world. 

The Ruwanwelisaya stupa, while shorter than Jetavanaramaya, is no less impressive. It’s shockingly white veneer makes it the perfect focal point or background for a great photo.

Pahiyangala Cave

The Pahiyangala Cave is one of the largest caverns in Asia and an archeological treasure trove. In this mysterious cave, human skulls dating back 37,000 years were uncovered, providing incredible insights into our origins.

When you step into the enormous cavern, the first thing you’ll see is a 40-foot long gold-colored Buddha statue. Take a photo in the incredible cavern or look outward to the surrounding jungle below.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls is one of the more popular Instagram spots in Sri Lanka. As one of the tallest waterfalls in the country, you could easily spend all day here taking photos. 

Grab a shot from the rocks at the top of the waterfall or in any of the natural pools in the area. The hike to the top of the falls is well worth the effort when snapping pictures, but remember to practice caution as there are no safety rails or signs.

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle is a hidden gem in Sri Lanka. This incredible mansion is a fusion of English, Indian, and Sri Lankan architecture. With an incredible exterior, grand staircases, whimsical gardens, and surprises behind every door, you’re guaranteed to have unique and original travel photos. 

The Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

The Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue is another popular spot for Instagrammers. The glorious white statue sits atop a dark staircase with red accent tiles. The angles, contrast, and regalness of this attraction make it the perfect place for a photoshoot. 

With so many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka, you don’t have to look very far for a photo op. Remember to be respectful of the places and the people when capturing your next great image.