Michelin Star Restaurants in Canada

Montreal is a stunning city that has absolutely everything anyone requires. For this reason, visitors fall in love with this place and intend to return.

You can find many things in this city. Besides being considered an important strategic point for international organizations, Montreal has universities and colleges and excellent security.

All these issues are intertwined with gastronomy. The food is truly exquisite, and there are restaurants that have been awarded on various occasions. It is for this reason that taking a Food Tour in Montreal is unique since you will be able to taste exquisite dishes prepared by renowned and highly prestigious chefs.

Montreal is a charming city

Montreal was founded in 1642. Since then, it has developed and grown considerably, reaching a population of around 2 million.

Canada, in general, has a high level of education, and Montreal is one of the reasons. There are four universities and a total of 12 faculties that give it great educational development. In fact, Montreal is the city with the best academic training internationally and also has the highest concentration of students in all of North America.

Another interesting point is that Montreal is considered a significant city, not only because it is the second most populated city in its country but also because it was the economic capital of Canada for several years. In addition to having a very prominent industrial and technological development center, Montreal also has commercial and cultural centers that keep it always on the move.

As if all this were not enough, it is also necessary to highlight that Montreal is the headquarters of the International Air Transport Association, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Gastronomy is very important

When considering everything that Montreal has to offer, it should be noted that it is a place where you will surely eat very well because several restaurants have been awarded distinguished Michelin stars.

Some have more stars than others, and some dining establishments are dedicated to particular menus or are geared toward specific meals. Some have gourmet style, another with regional food, and there are Asian-style restaurants, for example.

Therefore, you will have different options when you go out to eat. Some people take advantage of Montreal food tours, which have become an exciting option that allows you to visit other places at a given time and taste various dishes.

Le Mousso, a first-class place

In this restaurant, directed by the renowned chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, you will discover that a business that has earned 2 Michelin stars breaks traditional rules and hits the table within the sector.

There are no white tablecloths or luxury dishes in the middle of its decoration, but each meal has excellent dedication and flavour. This is the valid reason for its tremendous fame in gastronomy.

Floating island, another unique place

Another restaurant has received 2 Michelin stars. Its dishes abound in vegetables and are of excellent freshness. People are amazed.

In this establishment, the selection of wines and their respective combinations with each of the dishes make everything perfectly matched.

Undoubtedly, this gourmet place is one of the best that can be discovered in the entire city.

Okeya Kyujiro gives his space to Japanese food

If you are in Montreal and a fan of Japanese food, you should reserve a table at Okeya Kyujiro.

In this restaurant, not only is the food Japanese, but the entire environment: the cutlery, the decoration, and the context in general will make you feel like you are in this Asian country.

In addition to the outstanding sushi, the presentation of the fish and the tea that will be served to you at the end will make this experience truly incredible.

Hogan and Beaufort return to Canadian tradition

You can relive the quintessential Canadian experience at this site: eating and drinking around a campfire.

Amid a great atmosphere, you will feel the embers’ heat while choosing pasta, fish, meat, or focaccia, along with a delicious appetizer to live a unique moment.

This place, Hoogan and Beaufort, is incredible. It is led by chef Marc-André Jetté and sommelier William Saulnier.

Joe, the taste of meat

If you want to taste tasty cuts of meat, Joe is the right place. You can eat in a great atmosphere.

In addition to tourists, local people also come to Joe to taste his dishes. A delicious Malbec wine accompanies everything.

There is no doubt that this place deserves the Michelin star it earned a few years ago.

Culture and history are critical

Montreal has become a highly visited place for people who admire art and history. Many museums cover different themes and are well-equipped.

In this city, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Archeology and History.

Tour the Theater St—Denis, the Theater du Rideau Vert, or the Place des Arts cultural center. Montreal is also home to the opera and symphony orchestra.

To all these questions we must add that the prestigious international film festival has been held there since 1977. In addition, the International Jazz Festival and the Franci Folies Festival are held there.

There is no doubt that Montreal is a beautiful place for people who love art and culture since they will have many activities to do there.

Sports stand out in Montreal

In this city, you will never be bored. If you are a motorsports fan, you can enjoy the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Champ Car that historically takes place on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit.

There is also space for tennis, as the Master 1000 is played on cement in both the men’s and women’s versions.

Montreal also hosted the 1976 Olympic Games, the 2006 World Outgames, the 2005 World Swimming Championships, and the 2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

There are also very important local teams. The Montreal Canadiens excel in ice hockey in the NHL, while CF Montreal plays soccer in the MLS, the top division of the organization based in the United States.

With all these issues reviewed, Montreal is undoubtedly an impressive city with many favorable aspects and many things to discover during your stay there. Therefore, you will enjoy your visit and will consider returning shortly.

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