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“Trip Inspiration for Your Student Backpacking Adventure”

Backpacking adventures can be one of the most fulfilling moments in a person’s life. When done right, travellers are able to explore the world in a way that they’ve never experienced before. It can leave long-lasting memories and provide you with new experiences including a sample of local lifestyle and cuisines, adventurous activities, and the formation of new friendships. Backpacking can also improve a person’s confidence, provide them with freedom and flexibility, and help them to travel on a tight budget.

This form of travel and exploration is especially popular among young people. In fact, many students see gap years as the perfect opportunity to take a break from their usual life to experience something new in a different part of the world. The earlier someone seeks a backpacking adventure, the longer they will enjoy the rewards that it delivers during their lifetime.

Luxury Student Homes is a provider of luxury student accommodation in Liverpool. In this article, Luxury Student Homes will offer some excellent trip inspiration that students can use to help plan their perfect backpacking adventure.


Thailand is perhaps universally accepted as one of the finest and most popular destinations for a backpacking adventure. This gorgeous island in Southeast Asia has just about everything to keep any kind of traveller satisfied. The weather in Thailand is typically hot and humid all year round, with November to February the months that benefit from milder conditions. The Thai culture is rich with history and is one of country’s best features, so travellers are guaranteed a lively and unique experience. Not to forget the delicious cuisine that is bursting with flavour and spices! There’s also plenty of variety to be had here. You could be strolling along a stunning beach one minute and wandering through a dense jungle the next.

New Zealand

Next up on our list is the stunning island of New Zealand which offers stunning views like no other country. New Zealand is a relatively small island, especially when compared to the neighbouring Australia, but it’s by no means small in scope. There’s countless opportunities here to enjoy wonderful views and marvel at incredible landscapes. There’s a reason why New Zealand was picked to be the backdrop for the stunning mythical land of the Shire, after all. This country was built for lovers of the outdoors. As well as lovely views, New Zealand offers a range of activities including bungee jumping, hiking and water sports such as kayaking. Head to Queenstown Hill at sunset for a sight you certainly don’t want to miss.


Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is one of the least-expensive areas in the region. Therefore, this country is more than well equipped to offer backpacking travellers with a range of budget-friendly options. Nicaragua features true natural beauty and is known for its lakes, volcanoes and wildlife. Locals are extremely welcoming to tourists and you will find that it is not particular crowded, especially compared to neighbouring countries such as Costa Rica.


Similar to Thailand, Vietnam is another Asian country that is the perfect destination for a backpacking adventure. This location is extremely popular for varied traveling and a common inclusion in packaged tours. The locals here are very welcoming and there’s a stunning range of sights at every corner. The energy in Vietnam is constantly buzzing. The eccentric city atmosphere provides opportunities to taste the delicious Vietnamese cuisine while the serene mountains and beaches transform you to a completely different setting.


The Asian and American islands are some of the most popular destinations for backpack travelling, but there’s also some brilliant locations closer to home in Europe. Croatia is arguably one of the picturesque locations in the world and it is just a three-hour flight away from us here in England. Just as New Zealand was chosen at the backdrop for The Lord of the Rings franchise, Croatia recently prominently featured in Game of Thrones. Croatia features pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs and historic towns. There’s a range of activities to engage in from snorkelling and diving to exploring a National Park. Croatia is considered to be one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe and it uses Croatian kuna as opposed to Euro for currency.