Living the Digital Nomad’s Dream

Living the Digital Nomad’s Dream

The phrase may have already peaked a while back now by way of search engine queries, but there is no doubt about the fact that anyone who refers to themselves as a digital nomad draws more than a passing interest to go with all the intrigue. The trials and tribulations of A Former Lawyer Turned Digital Nomad & Online Marketer would probably pique your interest even further. For those of you who don’t know as yet (you must be living under a rock), a digital nomad is someone who as a result of their ability to generate an income by working remotely, online, they are able to travel, live and work location-independently.

For the most part making a success out one’s attempt at the life of a digital nomad is dictated to by the opportunities they have available to them, such as how a freelance writer for example relies on the work which a particular selection of clients send their way. For those who manage to set themselves apart and deliver quality work consistently and on time, opportunities seem abound and this type of freelancing digital nomad can engage in pretty much any work which can be delivered digitally after completion on their laptop or in any other remote way.

So you might have a digital nomad who is a photographer, videographer, video editor, etc. These days more and more professionals are realising some success convincing their bosses to let them work remotely in this way, so you also have digital nomads that are lawyers, accountants, etc.

While the working hours are perhaps a little more ideal for digital nomads than office workers as a result of the fact that they can essentially choose their working hours and sometimes even their workload, for the most part digital nomads of the freelancer persuasion work very hard and long as well. It’s not that depicted hour of typing on your laptop per day and then spending the rest of your time at the beach or partying it up.

Digital nomads who are likelier to live this way are those who earn their money a little differently, by running businesses remotely. The most common example which comes to mind is that of running something like an e-commerce site that sell digital downloads and thus doesn’t really require any ongoing work for you to earn your money.

This is perhaps the ideal way to live out your life as a digital nomad, but by no means is it the digital nomad’s ultimate dream. The ultimate digital nomad’s dream is that of being able to make money while you’re out on the road and having all the fun in the world, but all the fun you’re having is precisely what generates you your income! Of course, at any time, this could all change due to things like disability which impacts their ability to work, which is why it’s so important for freelancers to consider getting a disability insurance policy from someone like Breeze, which could help protect their income if they find themselves unable to work as much, or at all.

Enjoying the game Age of Gods epitomises this like nothing else on earth probably can, because the player is likely someone who enjoys online gaming, but they earn their money by engaging in that type of online gaming which affords them the opportunity to win big. Basically an online gambler who has struck a balance between playing for fun and betting with real money (with the possibility of winning real money too) can be said to be living the ultimate digital nomad dream!

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