Lessons Learned from a Travelling Pro Gambler

Lessons Learned from a Travelling Pro Gambler

Whoever they are, they were absolutely right about their view that travelling teaches you a whole lot of things you otherwise would have probably never had a chance of learning. Travelling does indeed teach you a lot, giving you a different perspective on just about every aspect of life, but the lessons don’t necessarily have to be profound in any sense.

They can be simple lessons in practicality more than anything else, as was the case when we rolled with a professional gambler for a few days while backpacking through Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Southeast Asia.

He was very knowledgeable. It was clear that he had taken a long time in learning the ins and outs of the industry, such as telling us some of the facts that he had found on sites like – https://marketbusinessnews.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-japanese-gambling-market/252700/ – when it came to the Japanese gambling market. Who knew there was so much to it?

It’s quite extraordinary when you think about it though. Maybe we would do well to take note of all the information he was putting forward to us… he is a pro gambler after all!

Patience can save you lots of money

While the savings to be obtained by exercising a little patience may appear to be nothing more than a few dollars at best, over time they add up to a substantial amount. In order to see this in action you could perhaps start a travel kitty in which you throw the cash equivalent amount you saved from following this doctrine into a glass jar, to be tallied up after a period of up to 12 months.

How the “doctrine” works is that you wait a little before completing a purchase, whether you’re trying to book a plane ticket, you want to book accommodation or even if you want to buy a hot new gadget that has just hit the market. After the initial craze prices tend to drop, affording those with a little patience a much lower price.

There’s always more on offer

Never take things at face-value – there is always something more on offer, even if you’re not going to get it at that specific moment. Just to make a simple example – if you’re searching for a return flight and find one which has multiple stopovers along the way, it won’t cost you more than $10-$30 to prolong your “stopover” at each of those layover destinations and make a real trip out of them by staying longer (multiple destination flights).

Go for what you want

Our pro gambler friend will tell everybody and anybody that he is a professional gambler any chance he gets. At first I thought he was being a bit boastful, because I mean who doesn’t want to fund their travels with online gambling winnings?

It turns out he wasn’t being boastful at all, but rather taking every opportunity to perhaps get some useful information out of the people he shares what he does with. To be more specific, when someone knows what you’re all about and they know exactly what you want, if they’re in a position to help you get it in some way they very well might. It doesn’t mean you’ll always be getting stuff for free though – it may be part of a favour-exchange construct.

On the specific instance I’m referring to, our pro gambler temporary travel buddy had some Cozino tips shared with him by another pro gambler, which basically just led to him taking advantage of the special deposit bonuses which any pro gambler thrives on.


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