Key You Should Know About Heli-skiing

If you are an avid snowboarder who is looking for more adrenaline-pumping activities, you should most likely think about Heli skiing. The idea of skiing downhill from unexplored heights may be incessantly rousing your adventurous spirit that you cannot wait to go on a trip soon.

If the only thing you know about the sport is that you will be transported by a helicopter to a location unreachable by a ski lift and you should ski from there. Once you fully understand the sport, the better you can plan an enjoyable and safe trip.

Here are basic facts about Heli-skiing that most people are curious about:

Heli-skiing on Movies vs. Reality

If you are extremely excited by the thought of jumping from a helicopter as you see in movies, you will be disappointed. Contrary to film depictions, skiers do not jump from the chopper when they Heli-ski. Instead of leaping, you will be slowly crouching out of the aircraft once it has landed safely on a remote location. Only when the helicopter leaves can you and your friends start skiing downhill.

Skiing Ability Requirement

Heli-skiing is an extreme sport, which means novice skiers are out. Apart from ensuring that you are physically fit, and with high endurance levels, you should be an intermediate skier at the very least. You should also know how to execute the following:

  • â-       Skiing in deep powder, even during severe environmental conditions
  • Performing parallel turns on sharp terrain skillfully
  • Carrying out traverse positions, kick turns, side slips, and snowplow turns flawlessly

Equipment Needed

Reputable operators like Majestic Heli-ski, provide all the equipment necessary for skiers to enjoy the sport except ski boots. So make sure to take yours with you or look to rent a pair from a site such as It’s also worth mentioning that many people choose to take them as hand luggage when they board the plane so that they can ensure it will not be lost or sent to the wrong terminal by accident.

Safety Concerns

As with other extreme sports, Heli-skiing has its risks, but you can prevent them through proper preparation and by adhering to safety protocols. Heli-skiing even has a safety advantage over the more common resort skiing as skiers do not have to ski on crowded slopes. Note that many ski-related accidents happen in overcrowded slopes.

Helpful Tips Before Heli-skiing

Here are the points you may want to consider as you plan your Heli-ski adventure:

  • Find a reputable Heli-ski company that offers packages that will allow you to enjoy the experience fully. You can ask for recommendations from trusted friends or read online reviews.
  • Do not forget to prepare physically and mentally. Get in shape and try skiing on various weather conditions.
  • Make sure you do not have any fear of heights, as riding a helicopter is an integral part of the activity.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate Heli-ski outfit as your body will experience fluctuating temperatures. You may feel warm as you ride or wait for the helicopter and feel extremely cold when you ski.

Heli-skiing is one of the most exciting activities that anyone can experience in their lifetime if done right. To ensure that you will enjoy your first ride, consider all the essential points discussed above.