Junket tour to Tbilisi– new dimension of holiday with the thrill of the competition

Junket tour is a professionally planned holiday in a casino that includes not only the thrill of the competition, but comfortable transfers, luxurious accommodation, tasty food and even local attractions. Sometimes such tours may even include visits to SPA or special medical treatments.

One of the main benefits of the junket tour is that everything is already included into the tour, thus the gambler doesn’t need to worry about anything. They are able to immerse into the game and entertainment, enjoying the holiday in picturesque places, going on astonishing tours and even amazing massage sessions. Even in that case you don’t need to pay even a cent above the agreed tour price.

On the territory of the former USSR one can find several casinos located in special recreational zones. One can spend a thrilling holiday in Russia, the Baltics, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia. For example, Shangri La casino network offers useful information about junket tours to Tbilisi, Riga, Minks, and Yerevan.

Junket tour agreement

All the features offered in the tour are written in the agreement. Such agreement describes the type of transfer, accommodation, board type and all the services provided by the organizer.

In fact, such junket tour is a normal touristic “all inclusive” holiday that includes a lot of additional options. These days casinos can be found even in the most beautiful and picturesque places, from the seaside to the mountains. That’s why you can transform your thrilling holiday into a holiday near the sea, an active holiday or a historical one.

Don’t forget about the financial benefits of junket tours in Georgia. When you buy plane tickets, book a hotel, tours and visit to casino on your own, you will pay 2 or even 3 times more. The main reason for that is that junket tourists are able to buy tours at special price and conditions.

Who pays for the transfer?

Usually, the transfer to the casino is paid by the organizer. However, transfer can be excluded from the agreement if the guest wants to reach destination on their own.

The distance doesn’t really matter, because the organizer of the junket tour will pay for the road in any case. You will be able to choose the most convenient flight in case if you want to come from other country. Furthermore, guests will be met at the airport with a private car and delivered to their accommodation.

Shangri La Network provides guests with a free transfer, and flights at a certain chips price. This applies to all divisions: Tbilisi, Minsk, Yerevan and Riga.

Where does the player live?

Providing the guest with comfortable accommodation is one of the key elements of the junket tour. That’s why casinos do usually offer their own hotel rooms for such guests. If a casino is relatively small and has no dedicated rooms, the guests will be able to live in the nearest hotel. The food has to be paid together with accommodation.

You can read about the accommodation conditions in Shangri La Tbilisi on the official website: shangrila.ge.

What are the conditions of the agreement?

Keeping in mind the incredible level of luxury and comfort, and in order to return invested money, the guest has to follow the rules:

  • playing in the casino for the defined amount of hours (indicated in the agreement)
  • playing specific games: the agreement may include the number of bets required to be made in specific games or slot-machines
  • placing bets in a specific range: the casino provides the minimum and the maximum bets, which have to be observed
  • spending a specific amount of money during the tour – indicated in the agreement.

In fact, such conditions of a junket tour are similar to the typical sea tour rules. Paying a single amount, the guest gets all the fun!

Casino tours are relatively new in our countries, but this type of holiday offers the maximum volume of pleasure and enjoyment. If you are look not only for comfort and relaxed holiday, but for the thrill of the competition, you definitely need to consider the junket tour.