Is the Free Wi-Fi at Hotels Safe to Use?

Hotels have been expanding their Wi-Fi services to attract visitors. As we publish this post, our mobile phones are tapping into Free Wi-Fi at hotels across the USA. With mobile apps that allow you to see where free Wi-Fi hotspots are within range, it’s becoming more likely to use the Internet even when you are on a hot, crowded vacation.

Sometimes you might want to work out of a coffee shop or use public Wi-Fi for something like online basketball betting, but how safe is that?

As you might guess, hotels’ networks can get a little rough at times. While all Wi-Fi networks aren’t safe for each and every user, this is what we’ve found out.

Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t listed on the Wi-Fi Map

In general, we can’t recommend using Wi-Fi in hotel rooms. However, if you are on vacation in an urban area that you don’t know very well and are desperate to access the Internet, it might be worth checking out for a hot spot.

You can use Wi-Fi Map to find hot spots. You can view the free hot spots on your mobile phone through your account. If your hotel has an encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot, you can access Wi-Fi Map with any Wi-Fi-enabled phone. Hotels with Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

So, where are all the free hot spots?

We found 29 hotels in 16 states that had Wi-Fi hot spots accessible to mobile users.

Check Hotels with Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

You will find free Wi-Fi at hotels with these themes:

Hotels that have an outdoor patio

Hotels with swimming pools

Hotels with the highest per person price points

Hotels that appear to have higher average occupancy rates

Hotels that have a swimming pool

Hotels that use the hotel’s address as a Hotels with Free Wi-Fi Hotspots keyword

We recommend checking Hotels with Free Wi-Fi Hotspots for every trip to stay safe and to make sure you are not putting your personal information at risk.

Is Public Wi-Fi Safe to Use?

A quick Internet search reveals hundreds of businesses offering free Wi-Fi to their customers. From coffee shops to parks, dozens of businesses are renting Wi-Fi access to their customers and this should be a time of celebration for businesses in need of increased profits. Businesses can pay for this by collecting money in a public place or paying customers to use their facilities. On the surface, it sounds good. And, according to many sources, it is.

But there are hidden dangers that should not go ignored.

Public Wi-Fi Violations

The Wi-Fi availability industry calls this scenario: “Abandoned Wi-Fi.” The Wi-Fi industry’s marketing group boasts that public Wi-Fi networks are frequently used to get free access to personal information, pictures, movies and other services. In other words, public Wi-Fi is used by customers to get free access to their personal information, pictures, movies and other services without paying for that access.

Ironically, some businesses refuse to charge customers for Wi-Fi access, which creates a potential safety hazard. Visitors to public Wi-Fi networks can be taken advantage of and tricked into sharing their personal information or compromising their personal security. Businesses have an ethical obligation to protect their customers. If a business does not, customers will eventually be forced to go elsewhere. This could be dangerous if people are traveling and their personal information is compromised. This is why it is important to understand the potential dangers of public Wi-Fi before you hire a business to provide it to you.

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