Inspiration for the Perfect Couples Getaway

Between your tiring day job and supporting your family, it is easy not to give your partner the love they deserve. The times when you used to surprise your partner with romantic evenings and spontaneous long drives seem like a fading memory. A weekend getaway to a romantic place might be the best thing to ‘re-light the fire’. If you want a bit of inspiration, here are some locations that make the perfect destination for a romantic couples holiday:

  1. Go to the Maldives.

The Maldives must be one of the most popular and beautiful vacation spots for a romantic getaway. The Maldives is made of 2,000 small islands that spread across the Indian Ocean between Indian and Sri Lanka. You can spend an evening gazing at the shining blue waters of the ocean, soak in the sun with your loved one, or go snorkelling underwater to view magnificent sea creatures such as sea turtles, rays, hammerhead sharks, colourful fishes, and reef sharks. 

  1. Spend an evening in Ubud.

Ubud is located in one of the most famous idyllic beach destinations in Southeast Asia – Bali. This southern-eastern country boasts of some of the world’s most beautiful temples and a lovely traditional Balinese culture. It is the perfect holiday spot for couples who want to enjoy some solace and want to spend quiet peaceful time in the lush jungles of Bali.

  1. Go on a cruise around the Dubrovnik Islands.

Located in southern Croatia and facing the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a paradise for people who love a mixture of nature and historical places. Encircled with gigantic stone walls around the city, it is the perfect romantic getaway destination for a cruise tour around the Elaphite islands. Gaze into a mesmerizing sunset as the boat cruises through the Adriatic water for the perfect trip with your loved one. 

  1. Roam the gardens of Kyoto.

The botanical gardens of Kyoto, Japan is one of the most romantic and mesmerizing destinations to visit with your loved one. If you are lucky enough, you might see the many shades of nature in spring along the cherry blossoms near Okazaki Canal. In the evenings, you must go for a canal ride.

  1. Go on Safari to Zambia.

For those who want to fall in love with the wild side of nature, Zambia may be the perfect spot to go on a safari and experience nature in its rawest form. Unlike other experiences, Zambia promises to be the best safari experience in Africa. You can hire a jeep or even go on walking safaris to experience the untamed nature with your own eyes. And if you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot some animals exclusive to the region such as the wild fruit bat, the black lechwe or wildebeest.

Life can be tiring, but it is short too. Make the most of it by exploring the world with your loved one. None of these destinations take your fancy? Why not explore Cardiff and discover it’s unique and fascinating history with your special person.

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