Impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry

The global casino industry has been on a meteoric rise over the last hundred years in particular, something that has been going on because of a vast variety of different factors. One of the main things to kick start the 20th century casino gambling revolution was the fact that many global authorities started to relax their approach to casino gambling, therefore making it possible for casinos to grow in an officially regulated and completely legal manner.

This was true of the initial stages of the casino industry, however more recently it has been new technology that has made the casino gambling world so successful. Just look at the online casino industry, for instance, something that simply would not be possible without the technological advances of the 21st century. Now, all these online casinos compete with each other for custom, with many of the different casinos available offering unique bonuses and gifts when a customer signs up or gambles over a certain amount, as examples. People looking for bonuses to make the most of can visit websites such as and others to find available bonus offers for gambling online.

Online casinos have changed everything, and it also made the world of mobile gaming possible too. Mobile gaming has become an even more popular way to gamble online than online casino itself in 2020, keep reading for a summary of the impact of deposit by mobile slots gaming on the online casino industry.

Online casino before mobile gaming

Online casinos, like this YouWager casino, were in a pretty healthy state before mobile gaming, as some of the technological hurdles that had hampered its evolution in the beginning had more or less been ironed out by the time mobile gaming had been developed enough to be of interest. With that being said, there were still limitations on what could be possible for online casino without mobile gaming too.

One of the main things was that with online casino people were still constrained to their desktop computers, and the industry therefore lost out on a lot of potential gambling time when people were on their commutes, for example.

The first examples of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming started to appear in the late 2000s, where online casino sites started to set their sights on mobile casino too. The annoying thing here was the fact that mobile technology hadn’t really advanced enough to make mobile casino games good enough to contend with the desktop online casino sites of the day.

The first examples of mobile gaming weren’t played quite as much as they could have been, therefore, and there weren’t too many mobile gamblers around at this point still.

Optimisation of mobile casino gaming

New technology such as the spread of Apple’s signature iPhone, as well as advances made in things like HTML5 technology meant that mobile casino gaming was started to become truly optimised. By 2012, for example, most people had a smartphone, and this meant that mobile casino sites had a lot more customers.

This is where things really took off for mobile casino gaming, with things like mobile slots attracted a huge amount of new gamblers to the market. In fact, it didn’t take long for mobile gambling to overtake desktop online casino gambling in terms of new players. There are plenty of Online Slots out there to choose from these days on a variety of great platforms that are well worth checking out.

What’s next for mobile casino gaming?

So then, what’s next for mobile casino gaming? The sky is very much the limit, especially with the continuously evolving world of mobile technology.