How to use dining chairs in your Airbnb for 2022

Renting space on a temporary basis is a very attractive proposition for homeowners. When you consider the very small amount of overhead for utilities and additional maintenance on amenities, it makes sense that this very profitable idea has made its way to retirees across the globe.

Even though the pandemic has put a damper on most unnecessary travel, there are still those who much go from place to place in the execution of their duties or obligations. Those individuals still need a place to sleep during their stay, and they are more likely to book with a private Airbnb. The review and ranking system on Airbnb (and similar platforms) makes travelers feel more confident that their room will be properly cleaned and disinfected. Most cannot say the same about hotels, commercial inns, and motels.

Whether you have already listed on Airbnb or you’re just thinking about it, there are some things you can do to make your rooms more easily cleaned and disinfected between guests. A few of the more common options are common sense, like offering fewer surfaces, hand sanitizer, tissues, gloves, and masks. Although there has been a fabric disinfectant spray recently released, the fact remains that hard surfaces are easier to disinfect completely between guests.

Before you put up a listing on Airbnb though, you may want to make the place more appealing to potential guests. If there is some unused space in your house, this could be a good time to take up a remodeling project and turn it into something useful, like a second bedroom or a relaxing area for guests to spend some time. Along with that, switching up some of the other areas of the home with a little help from designers like those at Rittenhouse Home could also be a good idea. However, remember that keeping the place hygienic comes first.

To that end, you should eliminate upholstered furnishings wherever possible. One of the best ways to do this is to replace accent chairs with high-quality dining chairs. Here are some ideas for incorporating dining chairs 2022 in your Airbnb.

Social distancing common areas

If you allow some common areas available to your guests, use some stylish but hardwood dining chairs, such as the options available at somewhere like, instead of accent chairs. You’ll be able to fit more seats in a small space while still leaving appropriate distancing. This can also be a good way to encourage social interaction in a safe way. If you want a more sophisticated look, go with a burnished dark wood finish with leather or faux leather cushioned seats that are still easy to disinfect.

In the bathroom

If there is a shared bathroom, you should add a narrow dining chair there as well. It gives your guests a good place to sit while they dress after their ablutions. Provide an accent table with disinfectant spray and easily accessible paper towels and wastebasket to encourage disinfecting by the patrons themselves.

In the bedroom

Everyone could use a place to sit other than the bed, but you don’t want to have to worry about deep cleaning upholstered furniture between guests. Dining chairs of wood and faux leather (or other washable upholstery) are a good idea. Again, you can choose a more stately armchair if you need to blend it into the rest of the room. If you want them to have a cushioned seat, use tie-on seat cushions that can be stripped and thrown in the washer.

You may also want to provide your guests with a fact sheet that explains exactly how you are addressing the pandemic and their responsibilities as a guest during this time. It is also important to add this information to your website to encourage guests to stay in your safe space.

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