How To Take Care Of Your Garden When You Are On Holiday


Vacation is a very important part of your life indeed when you have a busy routine with work for whole day.  Break is very much needed but what about your garden that you planted with so much love, care and hard work? What is going to happen with your ever loved plants when you will be away? Who will water them? Will they survive or you will have to give up on them? There are so many such questions that arise whenever you think about going on holidays.

But all these questions should not stop you from going on holidays, here are some tips from expert gardener, which can be helpful for your garden when you are away.

  1. Ask for a Help

You can ask someone for help when you will be away to take care of your plants but it highly depends on the number of days you will be away. Maybe your friend or a neighbor can help you but make sure he/she should have enough knowledge about plants and a well trustworthy person to be left with your beloved plants.

  1. Clean, Water and Mulch All Around

Firstly, garden clearance is important as you should not leave it in a dirty state with weed and debris everywhere. Then water your plants very well just before the day you are leaving following the mulching of base of each plant. Mulching will help your plants to retain moisture and keep the weeds down.


  1. Go for an Automatic Irrigation System

It is a best way to keep your garden hydrated and also not cost you much. You can buy the kits easily and the installation process is also very simple. But still you will need someone to pick the ripen vegetables or fruits as it cannot be done automatically. Your neighbor can willingly help you in this when they are not bothered for watering your plants.

  1. Use Timer of Your Soaker Hose

Well if automatic irrigation system is not workable for you in anyway then you can go for a timer option of your soaker hose or the sprinkler. The timer hose is also very easy to install and much affordable than the above. It is a very workable option when you are following a landscape gardening as you won’t need to bother anyone else for watering purpose. But still you will need a picker separately other than this watering job.

  1. Don’t Mow Your Garden

It is a wrong perception that mowing is important for your garden before you leave for a long holiday. The florist Cheryl from Lamour et Fleurs says , longer grass is much better in tolerating the dry conditions than the freshly cut or mowed grass.


  1. Soak Your Garden Thoroughly

As you know that a healthy garden does not require frequent watering so you can simply just soak your garden thoroughly and leave it without mowing. It will help your garden in absorbing moisture and meet you again soon in a few days. You might see them in a bit wilted condition this way but they will not die for sure.

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