How To Save Money When Visiting Rome?

Rome has a reputation for being a pricy city. It has some of the most expensive restaurants and bars in Europe. Italy’s capital is somewhat overpriced but it can also be explored with a moderate budget. Being a traveler, you must know when, where and how much to pay in Rome. We will discuss some of the best money-saving hacks that will make the roma pass worth it.

Ditch the seat

Never book a seat at any outlet that has “Bar” in its name.  You will be charged almost 5 more Euros over the bill as soon as you take a seat. It’s always better to stand at a bar. Not only will you save money but you will also get in touch with the local Roman banter.  If you are in no condition to stand after a hectic day then choose a bar with a worthy seating area.

Ditch the tourist bus

Tourist buses might seem more comfortable and time-saving yet they charge a hefty fee. Rome already has a bus network that runs through the entire city and charges much less than tourist buses. The bus network will only cost you 1.50 Euros for a 90-minute service.  You also get the opportunity to be friends with the locals as the majority of tourist busses are only used by travelers.  Trains are also a good alternative but stay away from taxis as they are unimaginably expensive.

Look out for bars serving aperitivo

Lately, bars in Rome have been serving aperitivo before dinner. An aperitivo is an alcoholic drink served mostly before or after a meal. You just have to buy a cocktail or beer and the bars will provide you free pasta or sandwiches.

Few bars allow clients to re-access the buffet too.

Prefer walking

Rome is a fine place to walk. You can save a hell lot of money by covering distances on foot. More importantly, you will be able to fully experience Rome by walking. The chances of getting lost in the city are very low due to an adequate number of boards and signs. The picturesque streets of Rome are best explored when you wander through them on feet.

Ditch the convenience

Do not pay for special elevators and stairs to get Rome’s best view. Numerous hills are surrounding the city which provides an exceptional and free glimpse of the city. For example, you can submit to Janiculum Hill (between Trastevere and the Vatican) for Rome’s panoramic view. You will get to see a mesmerizing sunset from Pincin Hill where the Sun descends behind St. Peter’s Dome.

Ditch the tourist restaurants

Restaurants aimed at travelers are always overpriced. The majority of these outlets are near Termini and in the city center. Any restaurant near a prominent sight with big food pictures should be avoided.  Instead, go to humble-looking café but do not fall for a feast.

You can also shop from sales, eat and drink from piazzas and spend time in parks rather than a coffee bar.