How to plan a budget for a great trip

For some people, budget planning is the first step on the road to an interesting trip. This important stage helps psychologically prepare, catch fire with an idea and with a clear conscience begin to anticipate an excellent rest. But, despite the fact that budget planning is an indispensable part of preparation for any trip, for the majority it remains an equivalent to a campaign to the dentist. Nevertheless, that in the middle of an independent journey it was not that the money was over and somehow it was necessary to get out of this unpleasant situation, it is worthwhile to start distributing the funds in advance. Just a few simple steps will save you from worrying about finances throughout the trip.

Where to begin?

Start compiling your budget from the highest costs. As a rule, this category includes plane tickets and living expenses. You need to find approximate prices for accommodation in various hotels, information about the price level in restaurants and street fast foods you can enjoy.

Calculate the daily cost of the trip, based on the duration of travel, prices for accommodation and meals in the selected city or region. Be sure to plan a little over this amount – for entertainment, entrance tickets to museums, souvenirs and unscheduled visits to a concert or other events.

If the budget is a chain on your leg, remove you from new interesting experiences that are not included in the plan as it is necessary to find the right balance. For example, you can prepare food on your own while traveling, but do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying a real paella in Barcelona or a wagyu in Tokyo.


Include in the preliminary costs the cost of issuing visas, insurance and the necessary vaccinations. Some travelers save on insurance, but if you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford the trip. Even if everything goes without incident, the insurance pays for peace of mind, and if something goes wrong (for example, lost luggage or cancellation of flights), the insurance will prove invaluable.

Sometimes before the trip you need to buy some special clothes and shoes. I would not want to overestimate the importance, but quality clothes and comfortable walking shoes are always a guarantee of an easy trip. In addition, perhaps it is worth to buy adapters for power supplies, a reliable Swiss army knife and flashlight. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of luggage. Traveling light has undeniable advantages!

After you include all the upcoming expenses in the plan, you will understand how much money will be needed to be deferred to a certain number. If you lack money you may need payday loans that make all expenses fulfilled. Someone this amount motivates to labor feats, someone may seem excessive. In any case, do not despair! If you started planning ahead of time, then you may well have time to collect the missing amount. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to live sometime in the economy mode, because the goal that stands before you is so attractive. In some cases, it is useful to revise the travel budget. Look for cheaper housing, start tracking special airline stocks, etc.

Feel free to change your plans and look for new opportunities. Be honest with yourself and list all future expenses. For example, the timely planning of additional transportation costs will save you from stress during the trip, and also ensures that when you return home you will not encounter huge credit card bills.