How to Pick the Best Snowboard for Your Riding-Style

Sports are as much about performance as they are about aesthetics. Finding the best snowboard for your riding is crucial. Here’s what you should look for:


It should be at least 150cm wide for bigger riders, and preferably 180cm wide for smaller riders.

Super-sensitive balance.

Ability to turn in every direction.

Ability to turn fast.

Good flex.

The best all mountain snowboard should have all around flexibility and stiffness.

Since most riders ride in flat terrain, they usually reach the end of the string on their snowboard the first time they try it. They tend to get sloppy with their balance when trying to bend into a turn. The more flex the board has, the more stable the rider gets. The less flex the board has, the more work you’ll have to do to get it to turn in a smooth line. Another advantage is that bigger riders tend to fly better, so choosing the right snowboard is a good way to improve your overall balance and performance.


Unless you really want the feedback of someone stepping on your snowboard, you should get one that doesn’t have a handrail, as this can give the sensation that you’re sitting inside the board.


The main things you should be looking for are performance and sound. You want the sound to be low and not get too quiet when you lean into a turn. You also want a light, almost whisper-like sound.


Higher flex is better, but it’s also less stable. A combination of both is ideal, as this gives you a versatile choice. Less flex is probably better, as it allows you to absorb more impact when you hit an obstacle.


Deciding whether or not you should get a snowboard with or without weights depends on the type of skiing or snowboarding you do. Skiing requires a light snowboard, while snowboarding doesn’t. If you’re a high-level skier, you’ll want to weigh your snowboard, as they tend to be more stable.

Many people also choose to get a heavier snowboard. This is usually because they don’t want the weight to make them slower. If you’re the kind of person who drags your board up the hill, you’ll want to get a lighter snowboard.

Never pay the cashier to pick out your snowboard, since many snowboard shops have different prices depending on the model you choose. There are specific snowboard models that are less expensive, but also less flexible. To save you a lot of trouble, you’ll want to weigh your snowboard to get an idea of how much it weighs. Then you can go into the shop and compare different models.


The price of a snowboard is also important to look out for. Prices can vary widely depending on the type of snowboard you get. Most snowboarders prefer a standard board without a small front-mounted kickstand, which is called a diamond tip. Many of the boards that cost a lot of money also have a diamond tip, which is great. If you have trouble getting your board to turn in a straight line, you’ll want to look for a low-flex snowboard with a low-weight flexible tip.

You can also get a cheap snowboard if you want to experiment, or you just want to save money. Most people also like the feel of a cheap snowboard to get a chance to give it a few test runs before deciding if they want to spend the money on a good snowboard. A cheap board is generally lighter than a standard snowboard.

If you’re not looking to spend much on a snowboard, you should consider getting a board with a tricot sheet. This is a flat foam board that fits on the bottom of a snowboard. It’s lighter than regular foam, and because it’s flat, it doesn’t make any sound.