How to keep fit when you have a mobility scooter

You may have just bought a new mobility scooter, or perhaps you are thinking of buying one and are wondering how you will keep fit when you do so?

Owning a mobility scooter can be very beneficial. You can regain your independence and do things on your own again.

That being said, some believe it can be hard to keep fit when you own a mobility scooter.

Fortunately, this is a myth.

Always check with your GP before starting an exercise regime so they can give you safe recommendations.

Here are some exercises you can do around using your mobility scooter.

  1. Walking

If you use your mobility scooter to get to the shops, leave the scooter outside if possible and get active by staying on your feet whilst in the shops.

If you are more mobile you could leave your mobility scooter a bit down the road and walk the rest of the way to the shops.

Walking is a great way to stay active and can help with weight loss. Brisk walking also helps keep your heart strong and reduces your risks of developing cancer.

Other benefits of walking include: it reduces your risks of developing type-2 diabetes; helps strengthen your bones; improves your mood and well-being; and can reduce your risk of developing dementia.

  1. Use this graph from Age UK to find an activity that you will enjoy and is suited to your strengths.
  1. Chair Based Exercises 

If you struggle with mobility, there are some chair based activities you can do to help break up long periods of sitting still.

Here are some examples of exercises you can do from a sitting position.

  • Hip Marching – Strengthens hips and thigh and improves flexibility.
  • Ankle Stretches – Improves Ankle Flexibility and reduces the risk of developing a blood clot.
  • Upper Body Twist – This stretch will help develop and maintain upper back flexibility.
  • Chest Stretch – Good for posture
  • Arm Raises – Helps build shoulder strength

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