How to have a brilliant British beach holiday

Whilst soaking up some Spanish sun or skiing in the Swiss Alps might be fun, there is nothing more traditional than a British beach holiday. Whether it’s during a heatwave and you want to make the most of the brilliant weather, or when it’s stormy and you go for a blustery walk along the beach to revitalise yourself, the British beach has so much to offer! But there are a few things you should do to make the most of your time spent on your selection of golden sand.


Before you hit the beach, the best way to make the most of the beach is to be close to it. Whilst you can have plenty of great day trips to the beach, a true beach holiday starts with choosing your seaside accommodation. There are plenty of great choices out there to choose from, be that a brilliant resort right by the beach, or a selection of small cottages on the coast.

The beach

You most likely selected your accommodation based on the beach you want to visit. Some places are literally right by the beach, with you having a beach view from your bedroom window. This will allow you to spend most of your time on the beach, rather than travelling to the beach and struggling to find a parking space.

When you are choosing your beach, remember to think about the type of surface it has. When you tell a child they are going to the beach, they might have visions of a golden beach and making sand castles in mind, so they would be rather disappointed if you arrive and it’s covered in nothing but large pebbles.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether the beach you are visiting is covered by lifeguards or not, especially if you have children or are not the strongest swimmers. 

Prepare for the British conditions

Having some great accommodation and a brilliant beach only goes so far if you aren’t prepared for the British conditions. Before you get out to the beach each day, check the forecast. You can never guarantee a week of wall to wall sunshine in the UK. Wear the right clothes for the conditions, and whatever the forecast says, bring a coat.

The wind can definitely change your beach experience so bringing a windbreak is a good idea. They can provide a great shelter from the wind, and offer you some privacy when you are getting changed before or after getting in the water.

What you should bring

Remember to bring sun cream! You might not think that the sun is strong, but your skin will soak up the UV radiation nonetheless, so it is worth wearing.

Whether you like to swim in a bikini, board shorts or a wetsuit, remember to pack it with you on your trips to the beach. There is nothing worse than not intending to swim at the beach, and when you get there realising you didn’t bring your swimming stuff.

Buckets and spades are a British tradition, and making a sandcastle is a must, so remember to bring them or buy them by the beach.

Bring a bag with you whenever you visit the beach, preferably a reusable bag such as one made from cotton or jute.They are great for storing wet swim gear in, acting as a bin bag, extra storage when you can’t fit everything back in your beach bag. They are multi-use life savers.

Hopefully you find this guide to the perfect British beach holiday helpful, and manage to enjoy a trip to the wonderful seaside in the near future!