How to find the best city centre accommodation for your city break

Research shows that we are currently in the prime time for booking holidays for the New Year. However, as a way of saving money many are opting for shorter ‘city-breaks’ in European destinations was a way of getting away and experiencing a new country from their bucket lists for a fraction of the price of a standard holiday. Here we will show you the factors that are important when finding well-located city centre accommodation in your next European excursion.

  • Look for accommodation near the landmarks you want to see

One of the great things about good city-centre accommodation is that it puts you in a good position to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Do your research beforehand to decide on the different places you want to visit. With this information, you can work out what accommodation is best positioned for you to visit the most places.

  • Keep an eye on the amenities like restaurants and supermarkets

A lot of the time finding accommodation further out of a city poses a few different problems. You have to travel further and longer to get to the places you want to visit and a lot of the time important amenities like food places and shops are not easily accessible. If you find good city-centre accommodation you will not have this problem.

  • Look at reviews on the booking site you are using

Not all accommodation is created equally, a quick look online will show you different reviews which are great for determining the quality of the city centre accommodation. They give you access to other guests experiences plus the pros and cons of their stay. Platforms that offer reviews like Google, and Airbnb are a good place to start.

  • If you want an amazing stay, go for luxury accommodation

Unfortunately, city-centre accommodation often comes at a premium price due to the good location. If you are travelling in a large group, we recommend going for luxury accommodation. This will ensure everyone is comfortable and there isn’t the classic rush for the ‘best room’. Staying in luxury accommodation will also mean you have a pleasant place to stay if the weather isn’t too great (which in winter, it often isn’t).