How to find a job in Malta?

If you are coming to Malta not just for a vacation, but to spend a longer period of time, study or work – this article might be useful to you. In it, we will discuss the opportunities and intricacies of finding a job in this Mediterranean island-country. Besides being an amazing place to live in, due to the climate and wonderful nature, Malta is listed as an attractive destination for work and business, as well. So, how do you find a job in Malta?

Understand the market

Malta is small island-nation that has just above 0.5 million inhabitants. However, due to the lenient tax regime, it is an attractive spot for international businesses and has a huge shipping industry.

With more companies than people, Malta will always surprise you with the amount of jobs on offer for competent, top-tier managers, IT specialists, web designers, accountants, etc.. Most of the time, you need fluent English whilst other languages, depending on the potential employer, can be both a benefit or a must-meet requirement.

But, despite these big companies being situated in Malta, there are a lot of entry-level positions that you can apply for without any previous studies or experience. Waiters, hotel administrators, carpool & taxi drivers are always in demand!

Getting an entry level job

If you’re interested in entry level jobs, there are many ways that you can go about this.

The first step, however, is the same. Register at Jobsplus (Malta’s Public Employment service). The registration is available for local people or EU nationals. This is great because it informs you about opportunities and entitles you to benefits.

On the other hand, if you’re from a non-EU and non-EEA country, you’ll need a work permit (work visa) to be legally employed here. If you’re interviewing already, the employer should help you get it before even starting.

Once you have your status from Jobsplus, you can go to interviews by applying and try to get hired!

Getting other jobs, like driving a taxi is even simpler. You’ll need your own car or just a valid driving license. Contact the ride-sharing service or taxi company directly. They usually have contact or application forms and are looking for new people 99% of the time.

Getting a solid position

Many of the higher-tier positions in companies are filled through headhunting services and by hiring abroad. It’s seldom you see people of high competence coming to Malta just to find a job. They are usually hired to come to Malta or apply for a position there, from their home soil.

You can search LinkedIn as well as Maltese online ad boards to find what is available and try to apply. But with so many international businesses having subsidiaries and affiliates in Malta, you’re also very likely to find openings for Malta-based jobs right by your side!