How to Cooperate When Flagged for a Customs Search

Packing for an international trip may make you want to go through your entire luggage one last time, but in some cases, you may wish to just skip it. That is because there may be a hidden risk to packing away your valuables. One such risk may be a customs search.

The Home Office states that “Customs will often ask you to open your bag or case, or look inside to check that everything is as you say.” In the instance that you find yourself being asked to open your luggage for a customs search, then be prepared. Below, you’ll find what you can do to make your luggage safer when being flagged for a search.

What to Pack

While you do need to make sure your items meet all of the proper government requirements, you do not need to worry about travelling with the most expensive pieces of luggage. If you do need to travel with certain items, then you should make sure that they are safe from customs officers.

A great option is to pack some zip lock bags. These bags are particularly helpful when travelling as they keep your expensive items from being opened. They’ll also help you avoid cross-contamination of your personal items with something like the Orange County CBD products you might be using, which of course you shouldn’t try to cross international borders with.

Another great idea is to carry your important documents in your passport. If you have a passport lock on it, then you can keep any of your valuables within your passport in a safe place. In the event that a customs officer sees your passport, then they will not be able to look at it without you opening the lock. This means that you do not have to worry about your passport being searched and you will be able to secure your documents in a safe place.

Choose Bag Shelves Wisely

Along with keeping valuable items out of sight, you should make sure to pack your bag shelves carefully. This is because anything that can be taken as small as a quarter should be put into your bag so that it cannot be hidden. If you can keep your items out of view, then you will not have to worry about customs officers rummaging through your bag.

However, you should also take into account what can and cannot be hidden. For example, undergarments can be hidden within the lining of a bag but it is not permitted to use one’s backpack as a hiding place for such articles.

Get Handy

Along with getting the right items for your luggage, it is also a good idea to use your luggage as a small space to keep items safe while you are waiting for your flight. If you cannot find a safe place, then you can use the luggage as a place to hide your valuables, so that they are not in plain sight. By using a luggage safe, you can also keep your valuables safe while you are getting ready to fly.

When it comes to travelling with your luggage, always choose to be careful. By following some of the tips above, you can ensure that your luggage is safe when heading into an airport or arriving at your destination.