How to Choose the Right BBQ Grill and Smoker for You

Now that you have finally converted your truck into a food truck, what is your next step to do? Choosing a type of menu to serve. One of the most popular food truck types available in the market is BBQ. It would be a good menu to begin with as your offering in your new food truck business.

To create delicious grilled meats and vegetables in your BBQ food truck you will need to have the right BBQ grill for your truck. Small trucks can start with an outdoor BBQ grill, like the ones used in home BBQ cookouts. Bigger trucks can have a smoker grill trailer as their grill of choice. Depending on the size of your truck, your budget and your grilling needs, there is a perfect grill that matches the requirements of your BBQ food truck business.

If you are in the market for a new grill that can be used for your business, here are the top things to consider before you get your grill on.

Fuel type

There are different types of grill available for commercial use. You can narrow down your options by picking the right fuel type to get your grills started. The type of fuel can be based on your cooking style and the type of convenience you want to enjoy with your grill. For a food truck business, it would be best to get the most convenience a grill can offer. A gas-powered grill is one of the most common types of grill in the market. It uses an attachable liquid propane tank for mobile use. This would be an ideal option that you can use for your food truck business. It may also be a good option to make use of a tank monitoring device so that you know when the fuel is about to get over. Charcoal grills also create flavorful BBQ meals but can be time consuming and inefficient for commercial use. For home usage though, you can use a grill and smoker that can use wood as its fuel as wood smoke may help in improving the taste of your recipes. However, choosing the best quality of cooking wood can be essential while cooking something with a grill. Similarly, you may need the best quality wood chunks for smoking. For instance, cooking meat with good oak wood chunks can add a beautiful aroma to it. You might want to check and other such websites of premium cooking wood vendors that can deliver your choice of wood chunks at your home


The size of your grill is another factor to consider. A start-up BBQ food truck business can start with a small or medium gas-grill for starters. You can opt for a bigger two-burner or four-burner grill to cater more servings at a time. Grills are measured by square inches. A standard 400-500 square inch grill range is already enough to begin with. You can add an outdoor grill once your customer demands increase. A larger model with four, five, six or even more burners is ideal for BBQ food truck trailers located in a crowded place. For cooking whole chicken and racks of ribs via indirect heat, a three-burner model is sufficient to begin with.

Extra Features

Modern grills offer extra features and can help you create the essential preps for your perfect grill. For more enhanced grilling requirements, you can go for a grill with extra side burners where you can easily heat up sauces and other side dishes. You will not have to go back and forth the kitchen stop top and your grill area with this extra feature attached to your grill.

Grills with legs and wheels that can be locked as needed is another choice you can consider. It can be easily moved around as desired and as needed.

Third generation grills come with temperature control set timers and view recipe options, with just a simple tap of a button. Some grills are so modern, they are Wi-Fi enabled and can be paired with applications to monitor the temperature and the cooking time.

Whichever grill you decide to go to for your food truck business, consider that investment that you will be putting into it as well as the fastest ROI for your business.

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