How To Beat Boredom When Travelling Alone

Although solo travelling and holidays can be incredibly fun and exciting, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience some downtime which can get a little boring. Luckily enough, there’s plenty that you can do to overcome this boredom, just take a look below.

Learn A Language

Since you’re most likely to be visiting a completely different country, it’s a good idea to spend some of your downtime learning the country’s language. Doing so will help improve your time and experience in the country as you’ll find it easier to navigate and talk with locals. If you decide to start learning a new language, it’s best to start with the basics such as greetings, how to say thank you, how to ask for directions, and any other important sayings. We also advise you on keeping a phrase book with you at all times, just in case.

Play Games

Nowadays you can’t leave the house without your smartphone, and travelling will be no exception. So why don’t you install some fun new games on your mobile to play during those quieter moments? You can also look for websites that allow you to play on them for free, without having to install anything. You can visit these guys to check out a variety of fun games to keep you occupied. Alternatively, some people like to bring handheld consoles with them to keep boredom at bay.

Another suggestion is to sign up with an online casino. Doing this means you’ll be able to play a variety of casino games and potentially earn some extra money, as long as you have an internet connection. However, since the legality of online gambling is somewhat confusing for many players, it’s important to register with a high-profile casino operator that works in several countries such as Casumo or PlayFrank, which you can discover more about over at

Explore New Places

One of the biggest advantages of travelling, particularly if you’re solo, is that you can explore new places as you like. Before you head out, have a quick Google search for some interesting locations or landmarks you can visit to keep you busy. Don’t be afraid to ask locals or visit online forums to discover some hidden gems, and then plan your visit around this. Why not dedicate an entire day to visiting various landmarks or sites?

Try Something Different

A big reason many people go travelling is for a change in scenery. So while you’re out there in a new country, try something different. Maybe that’s trying a new type of food, or taking advantage of some of the country’s or city’s activities, such as snorkelling, bungy jumping, or even sky-diving. For many people, being out of their natural environment can make them much more eager to do something adventurous. For others, it could be something cultural, like going to a museum or watching a movie in a different language. It could be a unique and fun experience, especially for horror movies that rely less on dialogue and more on visual shock. In any country you travel to, take Korea for instance, you could look up new Korean horror movies on websites such as Hell Horror ( and others like it. Beating boredom by finding yourself a new favorite horror movie is as great an idea as any – so give it a go!

Meet The Locals

Another great thing to do while travelling, particularly if you’re alone or in a small group, is to head out and meet the locals. Try and strike up a conversation and get to know the local people, forming new friendships is fun and will also provide you with other opportunities. Some locals may be happy to take you out or share suggestions on good activities or great restaurants and bars to visit during your stay.

We hope that our suggestions above have given you an idea on how you can overcome boredom when travelling alone. Although it can be a fun and rewarding experience, you will absolutely find yourself a little bored at times, particularly if it’s your first time travelling alone. If you do, just have a look at some of our suggestions and see what appeals to you. More importantly, however, is to enjoy yourself and keep safe on your travels.