How to avoid being distracted behind the wheel during your road trip

One of the best ways to explore new places around the UK is by setting off in your car and enjoying a road trip. A lot of people like the comfort of an all-inclusive package holiday in the warm Mediterranean climates, but holidays like these don’t always allow you to explore the country as a whole. Here in the UK we’re not blessed with the greatest weather conditions, however, we are lucky enough to have some of Europe’s most beautiful towns, cities and villages.

You can be rest assured that whatever type of road trip you want to experience, the UK can offer it. From peaceful drives through quaint towns and fishing harbours, to narrow roads winding through the pristine landscapes of the Lake District; a road trip is the best way to explore the natural beauty that this country has to offer.

It’s inevitable that whilst on your road trip you’ll be spending a lot of time on the roads, which isn’t so bad considering some of the amazing views you’ll be able to take in. For any motorists reading this you’ll know that driving for long periods of time can cause you to become distracted. It’s important that the road ahead of you has your full concentration at all times, to avoid causing you or other road users any harm.

How distracted do you get behind the wheel?

There will be many motorists who believe no matter how long they drive for their focus on the road will remain the same; but it’s unlikely that this is true. As well as tiredness, there are an abundance of other factors which can hinder your concentration behind the wheel, like your mobile phone for example. 

To put into perspective how easy it is to become distracted whilst driving, Kwik Fit have created a Driven to distraction game which will test how focused you are behind the wheel. See how well you do and let us know how you got on via social, using #DrivenToDistraction and tag @Kwik_Fit.

In the meantime, we’d like to share a few simple tips that will help you remain focused on the roads during your road trip.

Take regular breaks

There’s no need to rush your road trip so it’s important to take your time whilst driving from one destination to the next and take regular breaks. Whether it’s a 10 minute break at the nearest service station to grab a coffee and stretch your legs, or stopping off somewhere to enjoy a 30 minute power nap; taking regular breaks from driving will help maintain a good level of concentration.

Keep the kids entertained

Long drives can often mean the younger passengers in the car can become bored easily. This can often result in you being bombarded with questions and trying to deal with agitated children, so it’s best to make sure they have plenty of stuff to keep them entertained. Whether it’s books, snacks or toys, they’re bound to give you some extra time to keep your concentration on the drive ahead.

If you have a road trip planned then hopefully these points will help you maintain your concentration whilst behind the wheel. The last thing any motorist wants is to be involved in a collision, especially if it could have been avoided had the driver’s concentration been solely on the road ahead. 

We’d love to know your thoughts on the #DrivenToDistraction game so let us know how you got on.